How To Treat A Folded Gallbladder

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How To Treat A Folded Gallbladder
How To Treat A Folded Gallbladder

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The curvature of the gallbladder occurs when it turns. In this case, the outflow of bile is disturbed. This phenomenon is called dyskinesia. To treat the disease, you should contact the clinic, and folk recipes will help you restore the normal functioning of the gallbladder.

How to treat a folded gallbladder
How to treat a folded gallbladder

It is necessary

Mint, chamomile, hop cones, valerian, sweet clover, wild rose, nettle, red mountain ash, tansy, St. John's wort, immortelle


Step 1

For problems with the gallbladder, you will be prescribed treatment, which you can reinforce with herbs. You will need a collection of medicinal plants. These are: Mint and chamomile - leave for half an hour. Drink warm in a third of a glass. Hop cones and valerian - brew overnight in a thermos. Take half a glass warm. Donnik and rose hips - brew in a thermos overnight. Take a third of a glass hot. Nettle and red rowan - brew in a thermos overnight. Take half a glass hot. Each of them should be taken for one month. Brew the fees in a tablespoon for 2 cups of boiling water. Take each of them a quarter of an hour before meals.

Step 2

To relieve pain, brew a tablespoon of tansy in half a liter of boiling water. Insist in a thermos for one hour. Drink the finished infusion in half a glass half an hour after a meal. The treatment lasts 20 days, after which it is necessary to take a ten-day break. Then use St. John's wort in the same way. The course of the required treatment is 15 days. Take a break again, this time for 15 days. Use the immortelle next. Brew and consume in the same way as the previous plants. Drink for 15 days. Then a break for 10 days. Repeat this treatment 2-3 times. Because of the bitter taste of the infusions, you can seize them with half a teaspoon of honey.

Step 3

If your doctor permits, drink 100 ml of hot mineral water. This should be done a quarter of an hour before you eat. Continue the treatment for a month, and then take a break for six months.

Step 4

The daily use of horseradish, mustard and garlic has a very good effect on the work of the gallbladder. Use them in combination with other foods for six months.

Step 5

If the course of the disease becomes severe and conservative treatment methods do not work, then you may need surgery.

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