How To Remove A Bone From Your Throat

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How To Remove A Bone From Your Throat
How To Remove A Bone From Your Throat

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Surely every lover of fish and fish dishes has faced such a problem as a stuck bone in the throat, which causes unpleasant and painful sensations. As a result of this, breathing may be difficult, but do not panic, immediately proceed to methods of extracting a foreign object, since there are many of them. Or go to the hospital immediately.

How to remove a bone from your throat
How to remove a bone from your throat

It is necessary

  • - A crust of bread,
  • - wax candle,
  • - tweezers,
  • - liquid honey,
  • - snuff.


Step 1

If you have a small fishbone stuck in your throat, immediately take a small piece of stale or rye bread crust and chew a little, try to swallow. The bread will help push the bone into the esophagus. But this method does not always help the first time, so it is advisable to repeat the procedure several times.

Step 2

There is one ancient method that will help you remove fishbone from your throat, if you can see it clearly. This procedure must be done in front of a mirror in a well-lit place. Take a wax candle and melt the end a little over the fire. While the wax has not hardened, apply and gently press it against the protruding bone. After the wax has hardened and has time to envelop the bone, carefully remove it from the throat. At first glance, this method may seem very difficult and dangerous. But if you do everything carefully and correctly, you will not have any difficulties.

Step 3

Ordinary tweezers can cope with this problem, of course, if its length is at least 15–20 centimeters. Open your mouth and, looking in the mirror, hook the fishbone with the edge of the tweezers, pull it out and your throat. This procedure will take much less time than the wax candle method. In this case, it is also necessary that the bone is clearly visible.

Step 4

If neither the candle nor the crust of bread helped, then you should use the usual liquid honey, with which you can push the fish bone. Take a tablespoon of honey and eat it slowly. At the same time, work well with the muscles of the larynx. Thus, the fishbone will come into contact with the honey and begin to descend into the esophagus. In this case, relief will surely come and it will become easy for you to breathe.

Step 5

There is another method that was used in ancient times and some are still used today. But it is only suitable for adults. Give someone with a bone in their throat to sniff special snuff. Due to the strong odor, it will trigger a sneezing process that will help get rid of the stuck bone.

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