How To Take Quail Shells

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How To Take Quail Shells
How To Take Quail Shells

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The shell of quail eggs contains many useful substances. Calcium carbonate, which is almost 90% in it, is easily absorbed. Also in the quail shell there are 27 different trace elements, the main of which are: iron, fluoride, zinc, copper and others. This is why it is so beneficial, especially for a growing child's body.

How to take quail shells
How to take quail shells


Step 1

Quail eggshells can be taken not only by children, but also by women during pregnancy; people suffering from increased fragility of bones; adolescents and young men under the age of 18-20 years and other categories of persons with disorders of calcium-phosphorus metabolism. It is also desirable to take shells in the winter, when all metabolic processes in the body slow down.

Step 2

There are several ways to make a calcium-rich powder. The simplest of them: grind the cleanly washed and dried shells in a coffee grinder, then eat the resulting flour, washing it down with plenty of water.

Step 3

To better absorb calcium, add three to five drops of lemon juice to the powder obtained after crushing the shell. Stir the flour so that the lemon juice is evenly distributed, then eat the resulting mass.

Step 4

While consuming quail eggshells, be in the sun more often or drink fish oil. The vitamin D it contains is also essential for the absorption of calcium.

Step 5

Eat quail egg shell powder whenever you want. The effectiveness of the intake does not depend on when the active ingredients entered the body: before meals, during or after. For babies up to one year old, daily give half of a quail egg shell, for children 1-7 years old - the shell of a whole egg. Younger schoolchildren and adolescents will have enough shells from two eggs, and adults - from three.

Step 6

If you are having trouble taking quail shell powder, prepare a healthy calcium solution. Pour a teaspoon of the shell powder into a liter jar of water at room temperature, mix thoroughly, and then let the liquid infuse for 5-6 hours. Use this water for making tea, herbal decoctions and infusions, compotes and first courses. It is easily absorbed by the body and saturates it with calcium, iron and other essential trace elements.

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