How To Treat Gums With Folk Remedies

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How To Treat Gums With Folk Remedies
How To Treat Gums With Folk Remedies

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Swollen, inflamed gums, bleeding gums when brushing teeth, gums that do not adhere to teeth, bad breath are all signs of periodontal disease. Sometimes this disease is accompanied by very painful sensations, and sometimes it proceeds without any symptoms. Prevention and treatment of gums with folk remedies is quite effective and does not require special skills.

How to treat gums with folk remedies
How to treat gums with folk remedies


Step 1

Take 150-200 g of propolis, a little mint, 150 g of dry calamus root, pour two liters of 30% alcohol. Let the mixture brew for 1 month in a dry, dark place. The resulting tincture is recommended to rinse your mouth thoroughly after each brushing your teeth and eating. In a couple of weeks, bleeding gums, painful sensations will completely disappear, tooth enamel will strengthen.

Step 2

Massage of the gums with salt gives a good effect on periodontal disease. Use fine "Extra" salt. Place it on your toothbrush and gently massage the sore gums. It is also helpful to rinse your mouth with salt water after meals.

Step 3

Thoroughly grind 200 g of aloe leaves until a mushy mass is formed. Put it in a bowl, covered with a lid, and set it in a dark place for one hour. After that, boil the aloe gruel, strain and pour into a glass dish, close the lid tightly. In case of inflammation with such a remedy, you need to rinse your mouth as often as possible.

Step 4

To effectively get rid of periodontal disease, the following herbal mixture helps. Take two parts each of the grass and yarrow flowers, calendula flowers, dandelion root and one part sorrel root, sweet clover grass, tansy flowers and grass. Grind these herbs in a coffee grinder or meat grinder, add Vishnevsky ointment, ichthyol ointment, calendula oil to the mixture until a homogeneous mass is formed. This tool must be used to lubricate especially inflamed areas.

Step 5

When bleeding gums, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with a decoction of oak and linden bark. Oak bark has powerful astringent and antiseptic properties, linden is excellent in relieving inflammation. Take two parts of oak bark and one part of linden flowers. Brew the mixture like regular tea, cool and strain. Rinse your mouth twice a day.

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