How To Treat A Broken Voice

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How To Treat A Broken Voice
How To Treat A Broken Voice

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The reason for the loss of voice can be inflammation of the respiratory tract, colds, drinking cold drinks, long conversations in raised voices. To choose a method for treating a broken voice, you need to understand why it became hoarse.

How to treat a broken voice
How to treat a broken voice


Step 1

If you have lost your voice as a result of a long emotional conversation, first of all, calm down, come to your senses and drink hot tea with honey and lemon. A voice torn off for this reason can also be cured with grape juice, viburnum juice or warm milk.

Step 2

Try to keep your interactions with others to a minimum. Sometimes silence is the best way to restore a broken voice. It relieves tension from the vocal cords much more effectively than other means.

Step 3

If the reason for the loss of voice is a cold, try using a decoction of calendula, which can be prepared by pouring 1 tablespoon of the flowers of this plant with a glass of boiling water. Gargle with this product several times for an hour, and during this period, try not to eat or drink. This method is very effective. If there is no result, repeat the procedure a few more times.

Step 4

Boil a few jacket potatoes, crush them slightly, bend over the pot, cover your head with a towel and breathe in the potato steam for 5-10 minutes. This procedure perfectly restores damaged vocal cords, just be careful and do not inhale too sharply and deeply so as not to burn yourself.

Step 5

You can treat a torn voice with eucalyptus tincture. Add a few drops of this product to a glass of warm water and gargle with the resulting solution your throat as often as possible until your voice is fully restored.

Step 6

Try to heal a broken voice with a few raw chicken egg yolks. Add butter and sugar to them, and then eat the resulting mass. Despite the effectiveness of this method, do not get carried away with it, because raw eggs very often contain substances harmful to the human body. Use this remedy only in an emergency.

Step 7

Vegetable oil, which should be used to gargle, is very useful for damaged vocal cords. Butter spread over bread can also have a great effect.

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