How To Heal Sores On The Face

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How To Heal Sores On The Face
How To Heal Sores On The Face

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The cause of the formation of sores on the face, as a rule, are streptococcal pyoderma. The disease occurs most often in children and women. Streptococci invade the epidermis and cause a serous-exudative reaction with the formation of a flabby bladder - flikten. The beginning of the process is the appearance of a small bubble the size of a pea and surrounded by a rim of inflamed skin. The bubble becomes cloudy, bursts and a purulent wound forms.

How to heal sores on your face
How to heal sores on your face

It is necessary

  • - garlic;
  • - 40% medical alcohol;
  • - honey;
  • - calamus root;
  • - olive oil;
  • - celandine;
  • - shoots of viburnum;
  • - elecampane root;
  • - Echinacea purpurea root.


Step 1

Take 50 grams of peeled garlic, chop with a garlic press and pour 50 ml of 40% alcohol. Let it brew for 12-24 hours and apply the cooked garlic-alcoholic gruel to the affected areas. Apply 2 layers of gauze on top and fix with a plaster. Change the bandage 2 times a day until the skin is completely cleared.

Step 2

Prepare a mixture of minced garlic and honey, taken in equal proportions. Let it brew for 48 hours. Apply garlic honey 3-4 times a day to the affected areas of the face. Perform the procedures until the skin is completely cleansed.

Step 3

Prepare and take the following composition at the same time. Take 10 grams of chopped calamus root and pour 100 ml of olive oil over low heat. After bringing to a boil, cook for 20 minutes. Then cool and strain. Take a tablespoon twice daily before meals.

Step 4

Oil on celandine has a good cleansing effect. Take 30 grams of freshly picked celandine, chop, pour 100 ml of olive oil. Place in a water bath for 2 hours, then leave for 48 hours and strain by squeezing the plant material through 2 layers of gauze. Lubricate the sores 4-5 times a day until they disappear completely.

Step 5

Take the following decoction at the same time. Take 20 grams of viburnum shoots and elecampane root, 10 grams of echinacea roots. Chop the shoots of viburnum into 1-2 cm pieces, finely chop the roots of elecampane and echinacea. Pour 10 grams of the prepared mixture with 0.5 liters of boiling water and put on low heat for 10 minutes, then pour into a thermos and leave for 4-5 hours. Having strained, take a third of a glass three times a day half an hour before meals. The course is 5 days.

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