How To Get Rid Of Papillomas With Folk Remedies

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How To Get Rid Of Papillomas With Folk Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Papillomas With Folk Remedies

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Papilloma is a benign tumor and outwardly looks like a convex growth of soft tissue up to 2 cm on a pedicle or on a broad base. All these neoplasms are caused by the human papillomavirus, which can only be eliminated by long-term drug treatment. However, you can remove the papillomas themselves using effective folk methods.

How to get rid of papillomas with folk remedies
How to get rid of papillomas with folk remedies


Step 1

Take one small onion, peel and soak in vinegar for a while. Then cut the onion, put it on the papillomas, tie with a bandage and leave the bandage overnight. This procedure must be done for several days in a row.

Step 2

Kalanchoe juice helps to cope with papillomas. To prepare a medical dressing, you need to cut off the Kalanchoe leaves and squeeze out the juice from them, soak a cotton wool with the obtained juice and attach to the papilloma. The bandage should be done daily for 7-9 days.

Step 3

Celandine is an excellent remedy in the fight against any formations on the skin, including papillomas. The juice of a freshly plucked celandine leaf quickly copes with this problem, just apply fresh juice to the papilloma, fix it with a plaster and after a couple of days everything will pass.

Step 4

The infusion for papillomas is prepared as follows: it is necessary to take in equal proportions the leaves of plantain and stinging nettle, lemon balm, horsetail herb, dandelion root, thoroughly grind on a coffee grinder and mix. Three tablespoons of the resulting mixture should be poured with one liter of cold water, brought to a boil, boiled for 8-10 minutes. After the infusion has cooled down, you need to let it brew for 3-4 hours, and then strain. This infusion should be drunk three times a day, half an hour before meals, three tablespoons. The course must be carried out over seven days.

Step 5

Garlic ointment helps to get rid of papillomas. To prepare it, you must mix one teaspoon of minced garlic with two teaspoons of any neutral cream. The resulting ointment must be applied to gauze and bandaged to the papilloma, or fix the soaked gauze with an adhesive plaster. You need to keep the bandage for 4-5 hours. Then rinse the skin thoroughly with warm soapy water. A similar procedure must be done every day for a month.

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