What To Do If Your Body Itches

What To Do If Your Body Itches
What To Do If Your Body Itches

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Unbearable itching of the skin can lead to a nervous breakdown, since it deprives a person of normal work, rest and sleep. But since the skin is just a reflection of the internal state of the body, often the cause of itching should be looked for much deeper. However, skin diseases should not be ruled out.

What to do if your body itches
What to do if your body itches

To get rid of itchy skin, consider its origin, since itching can be both a symptom of a skin disease and a manifestation of diseases such as jaundice, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, blood diseases, helminthic infestations, food poisoning. Accordingly, start eliminating it by treating the underlying disease. Otherwise, the treatment will bring temporary and short-term results.

With itchy skin caused by vitamin deficiency, make the diet varied and balanced. Include plenty of raw vegetables and fruits. Take a vitamin-mineral complex and a separate combined iron supplement (iron with vitamin C, B9 and B12). A deficiency in this element can cause dry and itchy skin.

If the itching of the skin is associated with its age-related changes (laxity, dryness and impaired sebum secretion), use products to soften, nourish and moisturize. Use for this both cream and natural products: honey, milk, egg yolk, sour cream, vegetables and fruits. And so that they are better absorbed into the skin, free it from accumulated toxins and salts. To do this, visit the bathhouse (steam room) twice a week.

Be sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is a common cause of itchy skin. In addition to water, use herbal decoctions: nettle, peppermint, string, calendula and chamomile. They soothe the skin well and eliminate itching. Remember that the main treatment must be from the inside out, as skin manifestations are only a symptom of internal health problems.

To relieve itching, apply topical topical treatments (baths, lotions, and compresses) using herbal teas and natural products. To prepare, dilute the dill juice with water (in a ratio of 1: 2) and wipe the itchy skin with it. Also take warm baths with a decoction of nettle, string or celandine.

Since itching of the skin can be caused by a disorder of the nervous system, take a set of measures that stabilize the psyche and strengthen the entire body: contrast dousing with water, sun and air baths, exercise, good sleep.

If itchy skin is accompanied by a rash on it, see your doctor right away. Perhaps we are talking about an allergic reaction, helminthic invasion or infection. These diseases require medical supervision and drug treatment.

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