How To Get Out Of A Binge

How To Get Out Of A Binge
How To Get Out Of A Binge

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The holidays are a success and the body is in ruins after a prolonged alcohol attack, what to do? You can restore strength, body work, the ability to think and walk. You just need to get together and start acting.

How to get out of a binge
How to get out of a binge

At first you will be slow and weak, but soon your body will begin to return to normal. The main thing is to decide for yourself that the holidays are over and soon to work. You need to understand that the body is poisoned with alcohols and this needs to be treated, otherwise the situation threatens to worsen.

The first rule that must be firmly followed in order to get out of the binge is to stop drinking any alcoholic beverages. The fact is that the effect is possible, which was popularly nicknamed "on the old yeast" and you will automatically start to get out of the binge only tomorrow, when you take the first point of the program seriously.

The second step is to estimate the losses. Situations are so dire that you can't do without a dropper with glucose. However, as a rule, less drastic remedies help. These include:

  • hot shower;
  • high-calorie food;
  • brines of different colors;
  • physical exercises.

A hot shower, or better a light steam room, helps to restore blood vessels to tone, and get rid of alcohol residues through perspiration. However, if you have a weak heart, this method is not recommended, however, as well as drinking in principle.

High-calorie food, astringent. Fats envelop alcohol and help the body cope with excess alcohol. Then all this amicably excreted from the body in a natural way.

Pickles are generally a classic hangover remedy. The fact is, salty liquids interfere with the dehydration process in the body, which provokes alcohol.

Physical activity also helps to cope with the problem of removing alcohol residues from the body. Note that alcohols are excreted from the body through the lungs, and therefore rapid breathing, which is good when playing sports.

This is how you will gradually free yourself from the power of alcohol and enter the usual rhythm of life. It is very important not to start drinking a day after full recovery, the whole effect will go down the drain.

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