How To Make A Dog Hair Belt

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How To Make A Dog Hair Belt
How To Make A Dog Hair Belt

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The dog's coat has medicinal properties, it has a special structure. The pads retain heat perfectly, and the spine irritates the nerve receptors of the human skin, thereby causing additional blood flow. Sore muscles and joints need to be warmed, mittens, socks, vests, sweaters and dog hair belts do a great job.

How to make a dog hair belt
How to make a dog hair belt

It is necessary

  • - dog's fur;
  • - knitting needles;
  • - bubble wrap film;
  • - soapy water;
  • - woolen threads.


Step 1

Long and even heating will be provided by a belt knitted from spun yarns by the dog's down. If you are suffering from sciatica, the belt must be felted or sewn using all the wool. Before spinning, it must be cut with scissors; a product made from such a material will produce a better effect than simply combed.

Step 2

Select the correct knitting needles, about 5 mm. Take a spun wool, cast on five loops and knit according to the pattern: knit 2 purl 2, shifting them staggered through two rows. Crochet with an edge loop at the end of each row. You will get an even symmetrical addition. The width of the belt should be 25-30 cm.

Step 3

Knit in this way to the length you need, focus on the waist circumference. Decrease by knitting two loops together with the beginning of each row after the edge. If there are five stitches left on the needle, close the row in one go.

Step 4

Sew buttons or hooks to one side of your dog hair belt. Sew on the lace loops on the other side. Make two rows of loops to adjust the wrap around the waist.

Step 5

The belt can also be felted - it is even easier, you do not need to spin a thread from wool. There are several ways, choose the one that suits you best. Lay out the dog's hair in the form of a fluffy scarf on the packing bubble wrap, cover with the same film. Place this "sandwich" under the rug in a walk-through area. You will trample the wool yourself with your feet. If the thickness of the felt seems insufficient to you, add the raw material evenly.

Step 6

Take out the resulting layer and cut out a "saddle" on the lower back. Sew this detail onto the fabric base, trim the edges with an oblique inlay, it will also serve as a belt tie.

Step 7

Wool can be initially spread on a fabric backing. It will be hammered into the material, and then all that remains is to cut the product out of this structure. Another method is to sew the dog's hair between two pieces of fabric.

Step 8

Felle the belt using the classic wet felting method. Lay dog ​​hair on cellophane with "pimples" in even small pieces. Make the size of the workpiece twice the size of the future product.

Step 9

On the first row, put the woolen thread first along, then across. Lay out the second row of raw materials, alternating with threads. There can be from 2 to 4-6 such rows, it all depends on the desired belt thickness. Just do not forget that when felting, the length and width decrease, but the thickness of the finished product will increase due to the compaction of the material.

Step 10

Decorate the last row with pieces of colored wool and bright threads. Cover the whole thing with a net and sprinkle with soapy water. Roll into a roll and play with your hands. After a few minutes, the coat will set and become firm.

Step 11

Rinse the product in a basin. Do not pour the water into the tub, as there are a lot of hair debris that can clog the drain. Rinse the conditioner belt again. The smell of "doggy" goes away easily.

Step 12

Iron the dog hair belt and shape it. For softness, brush it a little with a cat slicker.

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