How To Get Rid Of White Spots On The Body

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How To Get Rid Of White Spots On The Body
How To Get Rid Of White Spots On The Body

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A chronic condition characterized by the appearance of white discolored spots on the body is called vitiligo. Dysfunctions of the adrenal glands, genital and thyroid glands, mental trauma contribute to the development of the disease. The disease begins with the appearance of sharply outlined white spots, in which the hairline is discolored, and pigmentation increases along the edges. Spots can grow, merging with each other.

How to get rid of white spots on the body
How to get rid of white spots on the body

It is necessary

  • - St. John's wort perforatum;
  • - common oregano;
  • - medicinal calendula;
  • - medicinal sage;
  • - pharmaceutical camomile;
  • - stinging nettle;
  • - large plantain;
  • - small duckweed;
  • - honey;
  • - berries of wild strawberry;
  • - onion;
  • - lemon.


Step 1

In case of impaired functions of the endocrine glands, prepare the following collection to improve pigment metabolism. Take 2 parts each of St. John's wort and sage, 1 part each oregano, calendula and chamomile flowers, nettle and plantain leaves, grind all the components to a powdery state and mix. Pour 2 tablespoons of the collection with 250 ml of boiling water and put in a water bath for half an hour. Insist for an hour, cool and filter. Take ½ cup 3 times daily before meals.

Step 2

Simultaneously with taking the broth inside, it is recommended to lubricate the affected areas of the skin with the same infusion, and expose them to 5 minutes of exposure to sunlight. Carry out 15-20 sessions. After 3 weeks, repeat the course, gradually bringing up to 20 minutes of exposure to the sun.

Step 3

Traditional healers recommend the treatment of white spots on the body with a small duckweed plant. The plant covers the surface of stagnant bodies of water in the summer. The plant contains a large amount of bromine, iodine, protein. Take washed and chopped duckweed and mix with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. Take 1 teaspoon twice a day, 1, 5 hours after a meal.

Step 4

At the same time, lubricate the spots with duckweed juice 5-6 times a day.

Step 5

For the treatment of vitiligo, it is recommended to take strawberries. Take up to 0.5 kg of wild strawberries per day, while smearing strawberry juice on white spots.

Step 6

To get rid of white spots on the body, prepare the following remedy. Take equal amounts of onion and lemon juice, add ten times the amount of distilled water to it. Soak a linen napkin in the prepared solution and, applying it to the stains, fix it with a bandage. The compress, depending on the condition of the skin, can be kept for 2-3 hours. Do 10-15 procedures.

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