How To Cook Chaga Mushroom

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How To Cook Chaga Mushroom
How To Cook Chaga Mushroom

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Modern medicine officially recognizes the chaga birch mushroom as a medicinal plant. It contains a large amount of acids, minerals, salts and fiber. Chaga is a part of medicines, helping in the treatment of many diseases.

How to cook chaga mushroom
How to cook chaga mushroom


Step 1

The healing effect of chaga depends on its correct preparation. If you just brew a mushroom like ordinary tea, then there will be benefits from it, but to a much lesser extent, since under the influence of hot water, some of the healing components can collapse. To properly prepare chaga, cut it off the birch, rinse the pieces and fill it with boiled water, the temperature of which does not exceed room temperature. Place the chaga in a ceramic dish; it should be infused for 6-7 hours.

Step 2

Take out the soaked chaga and squeeze it out. Pass the mushroom through a meat grinder or grate. Heat the water in which the mushroom has been soaked to 40 ° C, then pour it over the mashed chaga, taking one part of the chaga to 5 parts of water. Try not to overheat the water so that the mushroom does not lose its healing qualities. Insist chaga in a cool place for about two days. Filter the resulting infusion and store it in a cool, better dark place. The infusion must be taken within four days after it is ready.

Step 3

There is an accelerated recipe for making a birch mushroom, in which you can achieve a sufficiently high healing effect, despite the fact that it is inferior to the previous recipe. Rinse the chaga, chop into small pieces and put them in a jar. For a quarter of a kilogram of chaga, you need to take a liter of boiling water and pour it into a prepared jar. The minimum time for infusion is about 7 hours. Filter the infusion and use it for the next three days.

Step 4

For the treatment of skin diseases, the following decoction is prepared. Brew a couple of tablespoons of chaga with 500 ml of boiling water, add a decoction of plantain. Make compresses from the resulting broth.

Step 5

If you add a few chamomile flowers, string leaves, currants and birch leaves to the chaga infusion, and then pour it all into the bath, you get a general strengthening bath with chaga, which must be taken within half an hour. The infusion of chaga is prepared by pouring 1.5 cups of grated chaga with five cups of boiling water.

Step 6

For nervous disorders, it is recommended to add herbs such as oregano, mint, calendula and hawthorn to the chaga broth. One part of chaga is brewed with five parts of boiling water. It is advisable to take a bath no longer than 20 minutes.

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