How To Cure Snoring With Folk Remedies

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How To Cure Snoring With Folk Remedies
How To Cure Snoring With Folk Remedies

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Snoring seems like a trifle, not worth attention, only as long as it does not turn into a serious problem. In addition to severe discomfort for people who are forced to be near the "troublemaker", he can seriously harm his health (difficulty breathing, which leads to a lack of oxygen and deterioration of the heart). In addition, snoring can be accompanied by such a formidable complication as sleep apnea syndrome. Or, simply put, by stopping breathing during sleep. How to treat snoring, especially at home?

How to cure snoring with folk remedies
How to cure snoring with folk remedies


Step 1

Instilling ordinary olive oil into the nose is considered an effective remedy for snoring. This must be done twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Instillation leads to a decrease in tissue edema, and also improves breathing.

Step 2

Gargling with olive oil can give an even greater effect, because snoring occurs when the soft palate beats against the walls of the pharynx, which leads to its coarsening and chronic injury. Olive oil eliminates trauma, softens the throat and relieves dry airways. The throat must be gargled before going to bed with a small amount of oil (1 tablespoon is enough) for thirty seconds.

Step 3

There are special exercises designed for the muscles of the tongue and throat. They are available to everyone and can bring good results. These workouts are aimed at strengthening the muscle tissue of the tongue and lower jaw. The goal is to ensure that these muscles, even in a relaxed state (during sleep), provide an increase in the lumen of the pharynx and reduce snoring. They can also significantly increase the tone of the pharyngeal muscles before going to bed, which slows down the onset of snoring. To achieve the effect, they need to be repeated for at least 3-4 weeks.

Here's one of these exercises: push your tongue forward and down as much as possible. Hold it in this position for about two seconds. Do this exercise about thirty times twice a day.

Step 4

You can also press on the chin with your fingers and use force to move the jaw back and forth. Do this thirty times twice a day.

Step 5

Another exercise: squeeze a wooden or plastic stick (for example, a pencil) with your teeth tightly. Hold it for at least three to four minutes. This exercise should be done just before going to bed.

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