How To Douse Yourself With Cold Water

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How To Douse Yourself With Cold Water
How To Douse Yourself With Cold Water

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One of the most effective ways to improve the body is recognized as pouring cold water. Despite numerous disputes over whether this popular method of hardening brings benefits or harm, pouring cold water is finding more and more fans.

How to douse yourself with cold water
How to douse yourself with cold water


Step 1

Some begin to pour out immediately, pouring a bucket of tap water over themselves twice a day. But this method is very dangerous for weakened people who have undergone surgery or illness, suffering from chronic diseases. Instant contact with cold water in such people can cause increased blood pressure, heart attack, exacerbation of chronic diseases, colds.

Step 2

Therefore, the hardening of the body must begin with a gradual accustoming to a decrease in the temperature of the water. Dousing can be carried out in the bathroom, but it is better in the fresh air. In order to get used to the cold season and, with health benefits, continue outdoor water procedures, the first douches should be started at the end of spring.

Step 3

So, prepare a bucket of water with a temperature of 22 degrees, warm up, exercise or jog. Take off your clothes and pour all the water on your body at once. Then rub with a towel until warm. Every 3-4 days, reduce the water temperature by 1-2 degrees and continue pouring twice a day. If the procedures are done regularly with colder water, then even in winter you can douse yourself in the cold without harm to health.

Step 4

If you decide to harden the body with cold water, then you need to remember a few rules. Never pour yourself on water while intoxicated. It is imperative to warm up the body, you cannot drive out sleep with cold water. Dousing should not be long, it is forbidden to stand under a cold shower, otherwise the body will be overcooled. After contact with water, be sure to warm up the body by rubbing.

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