How To Take Birch Tar

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How To Take Birch Tar
How To Take Birch Tar

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Birch tar is an oily liquid with a characteristic color and odor. Tar is obtained from birch, its medicinal properties have been proven by many years of practice and are used both in folk and traditional medicine. In addition, it has found application in both veterinary medicine and industry. Birch tar is used in medicine to treat various skin diseases and other ailments.

How to take birch tar
How to take birch tar


Step 1

With psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, tar is rubbed into the lesions. You can start treating eczema by lubricating it with an alcoholic solution of low concentration, gradually increasing the concentration, and then moving on to pure tar. Apply it to the affected areas, for 15-30 minutes, remove with a gauze swab dipped in either sunflower (olive) oil or fish oil.

Step 2

You can get rid of psoriatic plaques by combining the use of birch tar with water treatments. Rub it into the affected skin, and after 30 minutes, shower with soap or shower gel, washing off the tar with a washcloth.

Step 3

For eczema, first take a hot bath to soften and remove scales and scabs with a washcloth. After that, rub the tar into the skin and after an hour, take a hot bath again.

Step 4

If you plant a splinter, apply tar to the skin around it. You can also attach a cloth soaked in birch tar to the wound. It will help even if you planted a splinter a few hours ago. After 15-20 minutes, you will see the tip of a splinter that has come out from under the skin, which will be easy to remove.

Step 5

If you are going to remove the aching tooth yourself, do the following: mix one part of tar with one part of stinging nettle seed powder and apply this mixture to the aching tooth.

Step 6

With hemorrhoids, it is useful to steam in a moderately hot infusion, which can be prepared as follows: pour 1 tablespoon of tar with 2 liters of boiling water and wait until it cools down to a temperature comfortable for the skin. Then sit in a basin and wrap yourself in a blanket or warm towel to keep warm.

Step 7

You can take birch tar and inside. It helps with throat ailments as well as bronchitis and even tuberculosis. Take 5-10 drops of tar three times a day.

Step 8

If you have unhealed ulcers on your skin, mix equal amounts of tar, unsalted butter, and burnt almond powder. Mix well and apply over the ulcers.

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