How To Remove A Mole At Home

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How To Remove A Mole At Home
How To Remove A Mole At Home

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Moles are benign growths on the skin. They arise due to the accumulation of melanin pigment in skin cells. Moles do not always add beauty to a person. You can get rid of them at home, but in this case, you need to be very careful.

How to remove a mole at home
How to remove a mole at home

It is necessary

lemon; - celandine; - garlic; - vinegar; - a piece of chalk; - hemp oil; - the stalk of a grain spike


Step 1

Remove moles with lemon juice and garlic. Dip a brush or cotton swab in one of the liquids and anoint the formation on the skin. Then apply another liquid on it in the same way. This procedure should be carried out several times a day. According to popular belief, this method allows you to get rid of a mole in just a week.

Step 2

Try an infusion of celandine. Wipe the mole with it every day until it disappears. According to folk recipes, you need to collect celandine juice on the first day of the new moon, and use it only on the second night. Lubricate moles with juice several times a day. It is believed to be particularly effective against large formations.

Step 3

Remove the mole using vinegar essence. Be careful to drip one drop every day for a week. If the formation has not passed, wait a few days and repeat the procedure.

Step 4

Treat a mole with a hemp oil ointment. Mix chalk and hemp oil in a ratio of one to four. Lubricate the desired area several times a day for a week.

Step 5

Use the old-fashioned way to get rid of skin lesions. Pull out the stalk of a grain spike from the root, prick the mole several times with the sharp edge of the straw and immediately after that bury it in the damp earth with the root up. According to the legend, when the straw decays, the mole itself will disappear. Instead of a spikelet, you can also use a dry blade of grass by tearing off its top.

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