How To Make A Drug To Increase Potency At Home

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How To Make A Drug To Increase Potency At Home
How To Make A Drug To Increase Potency At Home

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If the occurrence of erectile dysfunction is not associated with diseases, you can enhance male potential at home using folk recipes. For example, from the flowers of the immortelle and the roots of valerian, taken 10 g each, and 50 g of St. John's wort, an infusion is prepared by steaming 1 tablespoon of the collection with a glass of boiling water. The resulting product is drunk 3 times a day.

Thyme herb - a natural medicine that increases potency
Thyme herb - a natural medicine that increases potency

Reasons for a decrease in potency in men

Decreased potency, or erectile dysfunction in men can develop under the influence of many factors. Chronic fatigue, stress, bad habits, poor ecology and the usual age-related changes are common causes of male problems. If they are not permanent, but occur periodically, you can cope with them at home by preparing special preparations according to folk recipes. But if a man noticed his inconsistency against the background of diseases of the internal organs or the genitourinary system, herbs and lifestyle changes alone cannot solve the problem - he needs to consult a doctor.

Folk recipes for drugs that increase potency in men

A herbal cocktail made from nettle, mint, clover and St. John's wort will help a man get rid of problems with potency. To do this, all herbs are dried, crushed and mixed. The medicinal collection is prepared by combining 6 teaspoons of each herb, and 1 liter of boiling water is poured into it. The product is allowed to brew for half an hour, after which it is filtered and taken warm daily, 250 ml.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you can use a tincture of ginseng and eleutherococcus. Drops are taken within 4 weeks, diluted in half a glass of water.

A simple and effective remedy for increasing potency at home can be prepared according to this recipe. Juice is squeezed out of large fresh carrots and combined with natural honey in equal proportions. The resulting product is drunk 3 times a day, 50-70 ml.

Take 1 teaspoon of dry mint and thyme herb and add a pinch of rosemary to them. After that, knead the mixture a little with a pestle and pour 300 ml of boiling water. Such a remedy must be prepared and drunk daily.

A decoction of parsnip will help to increase potency and strengthen the male body. It is prepared from 4 tablespoons of root vegetables, ground with 6 tablespoons of sugar. The resulting composition is set on low heat and boiled for 15 minutes. Then it is infused for 8 hours, and consumed orally 1 tablespoon before meals 3 times a day.

Bay leaves or chamomile flowers are brewed with boiling water, infused and added to the bath. Take it before bed for 20 minutes.

You can make tea from hop cones by pouring 1 tablespoon of dry crushed raw materials with 1 glass of hot water and boiling over low heat for about 5 minutes. Healing drink should be taken 3 times a day, half a glass for 1, 5 months.

A useful and tasty drug that increases male potency is a mixture made from honey and chopped walnuts. Both ingredients are taken in equal proportions and mixed thoroughly. The finished composition is taken 1 tablespoon after meals up to 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 1 month.

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