How To Scare Away Ticks With Folk Remedies

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How To Scare Away Ticks With Folk Remedies
How To Scare Away Ticks With Folk Remedies

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The onset of spring threatens the appearance of ticks. Moreover, they live not only in the forest, but also in parks where children and adults walk. In order not to get a bite, it is necessary to use effective means that repel ticks.

How to scare away ticks with folk remedies
How to scare away ticks with folk remedies

Why is a tick dangerous?

The tick is dangerous to humans. Some species are carriers of serious diseases: Lyme disease, encephalitis, monocytic ehrlichiosis, and others. If, after walking on the body, you find a tick, you must immediately seek medical help to remove the parasite from under the skin and treat it if the body is damaged.

In order to prevent a bite and infection, you can use special preparations in the form of ointments, aerosols, creams or folk remedies of natural origin, which allow you to protect yourself from tick bites.

Effective anti-mite remedies

The most commonly used medicinal plants have a specific odor. It is the smell that scares away the tick. Common herbs and spices that help ward off tick bites include:

- rosemary;

- sage;

- catnip and mint mint;

- marigolds;

- pink geranium;

- garlic;

- essential oils.

Essential oils should be diluted with water in equal proportions and then applied to exposed areas of the body.

An excellent remedy for ticks is a mixture of 2 tablespoons. almond oil and 15 drops of geranium oil. The prepared composition can be stored in a cool place for up to six months. Before going outside or going into the woods, it is recommended to apply a couple of drops of the product to your skin and clothing. Never apply the mixture to the area around the eyes, as it will irritate. Instead of geranium oil, you can use palmarose oil, which has similar properties, but its cost is an order of magnitude lower.

For more convenient use, prepare a spray solution for clothes: mix 2 tsp. palmarose or geranium oils, a glass of water, a small amount of alcohol. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use as needed.

To scare away ticks and other harmful insects, you can grease your clothes with birch tar before going into the forest. It is quite effective, but has a pungent odor. With such a "scent" it is hardly possible to walk in the park and not scare away the people around you. But for a hike in the forest for mushrooms or berries, this method helps protect yourself from bites.

Tar is well absorbed into clothes, and it is quite difficult to get rid of the smell even after numerous washes.

These methods reduce the risk of mites getting on the skin, but they do not give a 100% result. During the period when ticks appear, it is recommended to be vaccinated, which, even in the event of a bite, protects the body from infection with dangerous diseases.

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