How To Treat Under Breast Irritation

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How To Treat Under Breast Irritation
How To Treat Under Breast Irritation

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Doctors say that irritation under the chest is not a dangerous phenomenon. Of course, if redness appeared precisely in the folds, and not on the surface of the mammary glands themselves. You can cure diaper rash with the help of simple folk remedies.

How to Treat Under Breast Irritation
How to Treat Under Breast Irritation


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First of all, diaper rash under the breast is a sign of a mild form of dermatitis. Although sometimes they can be a symptom of fungal diseases.

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Most often, redness in the fold under the breast and between the mammary glands occurs in obese women in the summer. Synthetic underwear, excessive sweating, and inadequate hygiene can provoke skin irritation. Diaper rash makes itself felt with a small rash and itching.

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Although irritation under the breast is not harmful to your health, it is best to take immediate action at the first sign of it. If you run the problem, it can damage the skin. And if bacteria get into the wound, the disease can be complicated by the addition of an infection. In this case, you must definitely visit a doctor. Especially if the rash begins to smell like sour milk.

Step 4

At the first sign of diaper rash, you need to tighten hygiene. Wash your breasts with soap and water several times a day, thoroughly drying all wrinkles. Use zinc ointment and odorless baby talc every time you go outside. You can also use cotton shreds under your breasts. In addition, for adult women, redness in the folds of the bust can be sprinkled with ordinary potato starch.

Step 5

You can fight diaper rash with oils. Every woman is free to decide whether to use boiled olive, linseed or almond oil, or to buy an unflavored baby oil at the pharmacy. Both are used to treat diaper rash in babies, which means that both of them are safe for health.

Step 6

If diaper rash under the breast is associated with allergies, ordinary folk recipes will not help here. It is imperative to consult a doctor. He will prescribe ointment and tablets, since allergic irritation must be treated not only locally, but also internally.

Step 7

Also, with diaper rash, decoctions of medicinal herbs help well: chamomile, calendula, string, oak bark. You can use each plant separately or make a collection by taking herbs in equal proportions. The composition must be poured into a thermos, pour boiling water and insist for an hour. Apply a warm broth to a washed dry body. Then you need to lie down, lifting your chest. When the broth is dry, you can dress.

Step 8

It is worth trying for diaper rash an aqueous solution of propolis (sold in a pharmacy) or propolis ointment. To prepare the ointment, melt 50 g of petroleum jelly in a water bath, cool it to 60 ° C and add 10 g of crushed propolis. Then heat the mixture to 80 ° C and mix thoroughly for 10 minutes. Strain the ointment through several layers of gauze, continuing to stir until completely cooled.

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