Folk Ways To Increase Potency

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Folk Ways To Increase Potency
Folk Ways To Increase Potency

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A large number of men dream of maintaining good potency until old age. The absence of bad habits, stress, as well as proper nutrition are the basis for a healthy and long sexual life. But such a way of life is practically impossible today. Therefore, more and more often, representatives of the stronger sex resort to traditional medicine recipes to increase potency.

Folk ways to increase potency
Folk ways to increase potency

Useful tips to increase potency

Whatever it costs you, in order to improve potency, you will have to stop taking alcoholic beverages for at least a month. Alcohol dilates blood vessels only for a while, the onset of an erection inhibits, self-control decreases. This will only aggravate the situation and can lead to stress. At any opportunity, try to walk barefoot, as there are many biologically active points on the feet, which are massaged when walking. This has a beneficial effect not only on the genitourinary system, but also on other organs.

It disperses the blood well, and also has a positive effect on not increasing the potency of the contrast shower. It is recommended for men to take it before bedtime. Do not make too large changes in temperature, so as not to harm your health. Pour cold water over your feet first, then over your entire body. Alternate hot and cold douches several times. Then rub with a towel until slight redness appears on the skin.

Garlic tincture

Since ancient times, the beneficial properties of garlic for the health of men have been known, therefore, a tincture prepared at home is exactly what is needed to improve potency. Take a three-liter jar, wash it thoroughly. Peel a kilogram of garlic and chop finely, put in a jar and fill to the top with boiled water. Close the lid tightly and store in a cool and dark place for one month, shake the jar daily. Take the ready-made garlic infusion, one teaspoon daily, until the jar is empty. This remedy perfectly cleans blood vessels and improves blood circulation (to the genitals as well).

Ginseng tincture

Another very effective remedy for increasing male strength is an alcoholic tincture of ginseng. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or specialty store. Take thirty drops of the tincture three times a day, half an hour before meals. The last reception should be no later than four hours before going to bed, since this remedy has a good tonic property, therefore it can cause insomnia. Be sure to read the instructions for contraindications and side effects. Ginseng tincture increases erection ability, helps to cope with stress, increases sperm count and testosterone synthesis.

Potency increasing products

Sweet foods can be great helpers in increasing potency. The most useful products for restoring male strength: honey, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts. If you mix honey with nuts, then you can get an excellent delicacy to improve potency. It is enough to eat one tablespoon of the mixture a day (three hours before bedtime). If you don't like walnuts, you can mix honey with sesame seeds, prunes, or peeled seeds.

Useful for increasing male potency: lean meat, vegetables, mushrooms, flounder and mackerel. Increase sexual desire seafood, which are rightfully considered a storehouse of trace elements and vitamins. Try adding parsley, celery, paprika, dill, cumin and tarragon to your meals more often. A man's daily diet should contain fermented milk products (yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir and sour cream).

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