How To Remove Sand From Your Kidneys

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How To Remove Sand From Your Kidneys
How To Remove Sand From Your Kidneys

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Chronic dehydration, unhealthy diet, infections and metabolic disorders can ultimately lead to the formation of sand in the kidneys, which is manifested by frequent cystitis, edema and pulling back pain. But before you carry out their own cleansing, you need to make sure that there are no stones in the kidneys.

How to remove sand from your kidneys
How to remove sand from your kidneys


Step 1

Better plan to cleanse the kidneys from sand in the middle of autumn - the time of their maximum activity. And directly carry out the cleansing procedure between two and three nights - the time when the organ is in a relaxed state.

Step 2

Choose one of your favorite ways to cleanse the kidneys - with watermelon and black bread, with herbs and fir oil, or with cranberries and lingonberries.

Step 3

Change to a vegetarian diet a week before your cleanse. Drink an increased amount of water, including natural juices (especially apricot, peach and grape), compotes and herbal teas. Include garlic, asparagus, radish or radish juice with honey (1: 1) in your daily menu.

Step 4

For the second week, eat only watermelons and black bread rusks. Eat at least 300 g of watermelon at a time, and to satisfy hunger, include a salad of grated carrots, turnips, cabbage and pumpkin in the menu twice a day.

Step 5

During the same week, every day from 2 to 3 am (no more than 30 minutes) take a hot bath (38-40 ° C) up to the waist to relax the kidneys due to the heat. And in this position, eat the watermelon. It perfectly flushes the kidneys, and due to their relaxation, the sand is washed out along with the urine.

Step 6

The release of sand can be accompanied by painful sensations due to damage to the epithelial wall of the bladder. This irritation may persist for several days. Therefore, to speed up the recovery process after cleansing the kidneys, drink decoctions of herbs that have anti-inflammatory effects, such as chamomile.

Step 7

Another way to cleanse the kidneys from sand is based on the effects of herbs and fir oil. It has its advantages, especially in the absence of watermelons or contraindications for hot baths. Prepare for the whole course 20-25 g of fir oil and 50 g each oregano, sage, lemon balm, St. John's wort and knotweed. Grind them to the size of tea leaves, mixing, divide them into 12 equal parts (12 days of cleaning). Brew one part of the herb every day with 500 ml of boiling water and drink it like tea (at least 200 ml) with honey 30 minutes before meals for 7 days.

Step 8

On the 7th day, add 5 drops of fir oil to 100 ml of infusion. After stirring, drink through a straw (to preserve tooth enamel) 3 times daily before meals for 5 days. The total cleansing will be 12 days.

Step 9

For cleansing with cranberries and lingonberries (you can only use cranberries), prepare 3 kg of berries for the course. And for two weeks, eat a glass (200 ml) of berries daily. You can sweeten it a little to reduce the sour taste. After eating cranberries, be sure to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth to prevent enamel degradation.

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