How To Drink Brewed Oats

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How To Drink Brewed Oats
How To Drink Brewed Oats

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Oats are a spring cereal that is a good medicine. It has long been used to relieve hoarseness, shortness of breath, chest seizures and coughs. It helps cleanse the blood, urinary tract and kidneys, dissolves salts, and helps the liver and spleen. Oats are used in folk medicine for mental exhaustion, insomnia, physical fatigue. Baths with its broth help with sciatica, skin diseases, gout and rheumatism. Oats also help eliminate cholesterol from the body.

How to drink brewed oats
How to drink brewed oats

It is necessary

  • - sowing oats;
  • - honey;
  • - milk.


Step 1

In case of exhaustion, gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculosis, take a glass of peeled oats, rinse it 6-8 times, then fill it with water (0.5 l) and cook until the volume is halved. Add 2 tablespoons of honey, cool and drink 50-60 ml 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of admission is 45-60 days.

Step 2

To improve metabolism, with chronic hepatitis and pancreatitis, prepare a decoction of oats according to the following recipe. A glass of peeled and washed oats, pour a liter of cool distilled water, leave for 10-12 hours and, bringing to a boil over low heat, cook for half an hour with the lid tightly closed. After wrapping, insist for 12 hours. Then, after filtering, bring the filtrate with distilled water to the original volume of 1 liter. Take 150 ml three times a day 20 minutes before meals for 30 days.

Step 3

For the treatment of diabetes mellitus, prepare an infusion of oats as follows. Take selected and well washed oat grains at the rate of 100 grams of grain per 750 ml of water. Fill oats with cold water, leave for 24 hours, stirring occasionally. After straining, take 120 ml 3-4 times half an hour before meals.

Step 4

To get rid of your smoking habit, prepare the following remedy. In the evening, pour a tablespoon of crushed oat grains with warm boiled water (0.5 l). In the morning, boil the mass for 10 minutes and, after cooling, filter. Drink like tea after meals for a month.

Step 5

For bronchitis, prepare the following remedy. Pour half a cup of processed oats with 2 liters of milk and simmer in the oven for 2 hours. Cool and, after straining, take a glass at night for 3-4 weeks.

Step 6

Prepare the following formula to treat gout. Pour a glass of pure oats with a liter of water and simmer over low heat until the volume is reduced by half. Then strain and, adding 2 cups of milk to the filtrate, simmer for another 10 minutes. After cooling, take a glass three times a day one hour after meals, following a vegetarian diet during treatment. The course of treatment is 24-27 days.

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