What Is Jelqing

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What Is Jelqing
What Is Jelqing

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Jelqing is a set of exercises that allow every man to enlarge his penis by 20-50%. This is an old oriental technique, which is also called "milking", because in the process you have to perform similar actions. There are many jelqing techniques.

What is jelqing
What is jelqing

Jelqing: from time immemorial

The word "jelqing" is a tracing copy from the English word jelqing, which is used to describe a special technique for enlarging the penis. The source of jelqing is the Jelq exercise set that was developed hundreds of years ago by the peoples of the Middle East.

Men at all times believed that the size of the penis is extremely important, so many peoples have paid serious attention to this issue. Techniques similar to jelqing can be found among the tribes of Africa, various peoples of India and other eastern countries.

Jelqing is a time-tested technique. Its results and effectiveness are truly impressive.

The meaning of the technique is as follows. The size of the male penis is determined by the cavernous body located inside it. Blood rushes to the corpus cavernosum and fills its cavities during an erection, therefore, in order to increase the volume of the penis, you need to work on the volume of the cavities into which blood can flow. This is exactly what jelqing exercises do.

Jelqing technique

There are many types of exercises in the system, and they differ from each other, sometimes quite significantly. All exercises are divided into levels ranging from beginner to advanced. It is recommended that you start from the very basics so as not to accidentally harm yourself. To learn the technique correctly, it is best to find a video where each lesson is described in great detail. The main exercise is penis massage, which is similar to milking a cow's udder, but with different variations.

To improve the result and reduce discomfort while jelqing, be sure to use a lubricant. This not only speeds up the achievement of the desired effect, but also prevents painful scuffs from getting.

When performing jelqing exercises, the penis evenly increases in length and width, and this is noticeable not only in an erect, but also in a calm state.

Before jelqing, you need to bring the penis to an incomplete erect state, about two or three quarters of the state of full arousal. Performing with a full erection can lead to vascular damage, and an insufficient erection does not guarantee results.

As a rule, the effect becomes noticeable after 2-5 months of regular training. Jelqing fans tell of incredible cases of penis enlargement from 12 to 25 cm per year. If we assume that this is true, then such a result, rather, refers to the extraordinary. However, an additional 5-7 cm is available to everyone.

If your erection has worsened after constantly doing jelqing, then this most likely indicates excessive training. It is best to rest for a few days and then exercise less intensely.

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