How To Learn To Fall Asleep Quickly And Soundly

How To Learn To Fall Asleep Quickly And Soundly
How To Learn To Fall Asleep Quickly And Soundly

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Unfortunately, putting your head on the pillow and closing your eyes is not always enough to quickly and soundly fall asleep. An endless train of thoughts, anxiety and discomfort dominate your head and do not allow Morpheus to take you into his arms. The modern rhythm of life leaves its mark, stress is present next to you not only during the day, but also at night. However, there are some tips to help you fall asleep as quickly as you did as a child.

How to learn to fall asleep quickly and soundly
How to learn to fall asleep quickly and soundly

With age comes not only wisdom, but also problems with sleep. Few people fall asleep as soon as they reach bed. The others lie in bed staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning, counting the sheep and looking at the clock, replaying today and making plans for tomorrow.

Here are just a few things you can do to help you fall asleep earlier and better.

1. Fall asleep and wake up at the same time

Determine the best time for yourself to go to bed. Be sure to stick to your schedule for the first two weeks, with no exceptions for weekends and holidays. An interesting program, sitting in front of a computer and exploring the possibilities of your smartphone should not interfere with the established rhythm. This time is enough for the body to develop a habit and the process of going to sleep begins to occur much faster.

2. Clear your head from unnecessary thoughts and worries

It will not be easy to follow this advice, however, taking a bath in thick fluffy foam about an hour before bed will help you relax and wash away all the problems of the past day. The use of aromatic additives in the bathing process will only be a plus. Most of them not only have a pleasant scent, but also have a calming effect.

3. Have a light snack

For a quick and easy snack, tryptophan foods are great: whole grain crackers, walnuts, bananas. Additional stress will help the body realize that it needs rest.

4. Be sure to ventilate your room

Never go to bed if the bedroom is stuffy or too hot. Even if you are a thermophilic person and you manage to fall asleep, this dream will not be sound. The best temperature for sleeping is 20 degrees, it is with these indicators that the body is not distracted by uncomfortable sensations, and fresh air helps to quickly and easily fall asleep.

5. Limit caffeine intake

If you have trouble sleeping, you should stop drinking caffeine after the afternoon, whatever the form. Tea, coffee and energy drinks can be easily replaced with other drinks.

6. Turn off the light

A few hours before bed, try to dim the lights throughout your apartment and turn down the sound of your TV. In short, create a sleepy, monotonous atmosphere, without fuss or distracting sounds.

7. Avoid naps

After getting a couple of hours of rest during the day, it's harder to fall asleep in the evening. Your task is to exhaust all the resources of the body, and give it rest only at night.

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