How To Make Chestnut Tincture

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How To Make Chestnut Tincture
How To Make Chestnut Tincture

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Chestnut tincture is a unique medicine. It is used for diseases of the gallbladder, articular rheumatism, hemorrhoids, thrombosis, inflammation and ulcers of the veins, as well as for other diseases. You can prepare this healing elixir yourself at home.

How to make chestnut tincture
How to make chestnut tincture

It is necessary

  • - fruits of horse chestnut;
  • - burdock juice;
  • - vodka or alcohol;
  • - horse chestnut flowers.


Step 1

When treating rheumatism, use a tincture made from a glass of crushed chestnut fruits, a glass of burdock juice and 200 ml of vodka. Mix the ingredients, then pour the mixture into a glass container (preferably dark glass dishes) and seal it tightly. Infuse the drug for 9-10 days, then strain it. Use the finished tincture for grinding.

Step 2

A tincture made from 50 g of fruits and flowers of horse chestnut and 600 ml of vodka or alcohol will ease the condition in case of heart diseases. Grind the chestnut fruits and flowers into gruel using a meat grinder or in a blender. Then pour this pasty mass with alcohol or vodka. Insist the mixture for 10-12 days in a cool dark place. Take a healing elixir three to four times a day, 30-35 drops. The treatment course lasts 22-25 days. Take the same drug for neuralgia, as well as to strengthen the nervous system.

Step 3

A tincture made from 10 horse chestnut fruits and 200 ml of vodka will help cure joints. Pour the chestnuts with vodka and leave the mixture for 9-10 days in a dark place at room temperature. After the tincture, strain. Use it as compresses, which apply to problem areas for 1, 5-2 hours.

Step 4

Prepare the tincture prescribed for the treatment of prostate adenoma. To do this, remove the peel from the chestnut fruit, grind the "core" into powder (you need 25 g of such flour) and pour 250 ml of alcohol. Insist the mixture in a dark place for 14-16 days, then strain. Take 10 drops before lunch and dinner for 20 days.

Step 5

In the fight against varicose veins, use a tincture made from 500 ml of alcohol and 50 g of horse chestnut fruit. Grind the fruits into powder and cover with alcohol. Leave the dishes (preferably a dark glass container) with the mixture for 12 days in a cool dark place. Then strain the tincture. Take the drug three times a day (before meals), 30 drops, diluting this drug with 1 tbsp. cold boiled water. Also, rub this tincture into problem areas. The healing course lasts a month, then take a two-week break and, if the symptoms of the disease reappear, repeat the treatment.

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