Pearls - Medicinal And Magical Properties

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Pearls - Medicinal And Magical Properties
Pearls - Medicinal And Magical Properties

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It turns out that pearlescent beads are a powerful natural health factor. So pearls are not only jewelry!

The magical and healing properties of pearls
The magical and healing properties of pearls

Pearls are one of the most famous and mysterious gemstones. Pearls are prized not only for their mesmerizing appearance, but also for their properties. This jewel is used in various areas of the mystical protection of human health and life:

- manufacturing of medicines;

- carrying out healing procedures;

- creation of cosmetic products.

Healing properties of pearls

Since ancient times, stone treatment has been known, which helps to maintain health and beauty. For such procedures, pearls are used quite often. What does pearl stone therapy help to cope with? 1. Tidies up the nervous system; 2. Eliminates fatigue and stress; 3. Eliminates excess weight and cellulite; 4. Treats inflammation and purulent formations; 5. Strengthens the overall strengthening of the immune system. Pearls have long been credited with healing properties. It was used for healing massage, and the pearl crushed into powder was taken orally as an alternative to pills. In the old days, this magic remedy was very popular, but today the cost of the jewelry is such that such a "pill" would be very expensive.

Modern ways of healing with pearls

Pearls are an indicator of health A jewel almost instantly reacts to changes in the human body. If the owner is healthy, the stone looks normal, but when an infection occurs, the pearl loses its color and becomes stained.

Magic pearl water

Water infused with pearls is very popular. It is so easy to prepare that this miracle cure can be used at home. To prepare magic water, you need to place 3 large (5-6 small) pearls in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, pour the water into three containers of the same size and drink it throughout the day, it can also be used for external use. This simple method helps to cope with: - inflammation of the oral cavity; - with acute toothache; - with migraine; - with jumps in blood pressure; - with diseases of the genitourinary and cardiovascular systems, as well as the gastrointestinal tract; - with allergic reactions and diseases of the skin; - with rashes and acne; - with hair loss. This list can be continued indefinitely.

Cosmetics with pearls

Cosmetic properties with pearls are gaining popularity, but such cosmetics are very expensive and you cannot always be sure of their quality. Many of the offered cosmetics can be replaced with magical pearl water, simply by washing your face in the morning, you can preserve youth and beauty for many years.

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