Mood-uplifting Scents

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Mood-uplifting Scents
Mood-uplifting Scents

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Aromatherapy is not only an effective way to relax, but also an opportunity to lift your mood with the help of appropriate scents. What scents are able to drive out blues and apathy, recharge with new strength and generally tune in a positive way?

Mood-uplifting scents
Mood-uplifting scents

Why can smells cheer you up, relieve sadness and despondency, relieve guilt? Pleasant aromas are often associated with a loved one, parents or parental home, where it is warm, comfortable and cozy. They create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere around, give a sense of security. Smells can evoke old memories of good things. Such thoughts, images, sensations stimulate the production of hormones of love and happiness - serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphin, which improve mood. In addition, as has been proven by scientists, endorphins are able to dull the feeling of pain, including affecting moral pain.

Uplifting scents

The aromas of citrus fruits are very effective in combating blues and depression: tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, lemons. These scents also invigorate, energize and stimulate energy production.

If you need to quickly get rid of anxiety, worries, then you should turn to rosemary. The aroma of this plant relaxes, helps to look more positively at events in life. In addition, it is this smell that stimulates the brain and improves memory, mental activity, and clarifies consciousness.

The smell of chocolate and the aroma of vanilla is a great sweet combination that will invigorate and charge with pleasant emotions. Separately, vanilla relieves stress very well and has a beneficial effect on sleep. And, as you know, with a lack of sleep, apathy can occur.

If you constantly have to be in a state of stress and some kind of alertness, the smell of juniper can help to cope with the circumstances. This aroma tones up, raises the degree of mood, helps to overcome the resentment and guilt hidden inside.

The following fragrance options can help get rid of a dull mood:

  1. chamomile;
  2. geranium;
  3. jasmine;
  4. lavender;
  5. mint;
  6. cinnamon;
  7. nutmeg;
  8. spruce;
  9. tropical flavors;
  10. incense.

When choosing a smell to raise your mood, it will be useful to listen to your personal feelings, associations, and your taste. For some, the scent of a rose will be a great antidepressant, another person will prefer sandalwood and coffee, and so on.

You can add a few aromatic notes to the room with the help of incense, scented candles, sachets, or using an aromatic lamp. If you use essential oils with smells from a bad mood, then they can and should be mixed, combined with each other. For example, take a few drops of lavender extract and add some vanilla and mint or juniper to it. The resulting fragrance will be long-lasting, pleasant and relaxing.

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