Let Food Be Medicine, And Medicine - Food

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Let Food Be Medicine, And Medicine - Food
Let Food Be Medicine, And Medicine - Food

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The present time can be called the "synthetic era". The constant use of low-quality food stuffed with chemistry leads to unpleasant consequences, many diseases. A person continues to continue to consume inadequate food, not finding a living product that compensates for the deficiency of necessary substances. Studying your genetically native food, you can and should find the right solution and try to resort to useful sources of life-giving energy.

Let food be medicine and medicine be food
Let food be medicine and medicine be food

The bee is a true friend of man, as well as his savior. It not only helps to pollinate plants in summer cottages, its role for humans is invaluable.

Assortment of bee shop

And the bee has a whole store of products! You can choose for every taste for your health. There is everyone's favorite honey, pollen, propolis, bee bread, royal jelly, homogenate (drone brood) and even bee venom! There is also such a moth, but not harmful, but, on the contrary, useful, cute, and just beautiful! The fire is called. Lives in a hive. The extract of its larvae is very vivifying, especially for the "cores" - it cleans blood vessels well and normalizes, a / d. Perfectly helps with women's problems, dissolves scars, copes with bronchopulmonary diseases, its extract is good for tuberculosis.

Honey is the elixir of life

Everyone knows about honey. Many people love to enjoy this "natural dessert". He is loved both in honeycombs, and just with tea, instead of jam. But honey is not really a delicacy - it is the elixir of life. No wonder, beekeepers are long-livers - they regularly eat honey. Honey is a natural "living" product, which contains many nutrients that are so necessary for a full life. Honey water, drunk at night, is an excellent sleep aid. Honey is also an excellent preservative. In today's "era of synthetics" is a wonderful find. You can put it instead of sugar - it will improve your health significantly!

Royal jelly saves women

If a nursing mother has little milk, royal jelly can be advised. It not only improves lactation, but also normalizes hormonal levels, restores metabolism. Here is such a magic milk - not cow's, and not "bird's" of course, but bee's, the benefits brought! It also removes radiation and rejuvenates.

Homogenate - for male strength

Male problems can be solved by drone brood - (homogenate). It is also used for infertility and neuroses. Recommended for male athletes as a protein-containing product.

Bee venom: the joints give thanks

For those who have back pain, joints, the so-called bee venom is taken - apitoxin. There is no need to be afraid, it is not toxic, in reasonable doses, of course. It is part of ointments, creams, relieves pain, relieves swelling. After undergoing treatment with apitoxin, many patients forget about pain in the lower back and joints.

Propolis: an authoritative opinion

Professor Sinyakov speaks of propolis, on a water basis, practically as “living water”. He quite successfully recommends it to cancer patients and, in general, to all people over forty, to rejuvenate the cells of the body. Propolis is a natural antibiotic and helps with many types of infections.

Troubleshooter tool

The benefit of pollen is that it, as the most essential tool, fixes DNA problems, eliminating cell mutations. With constant use, the healing process is "on the face". Pollen, like royal jelly, is a tonic and helps to cope with depression.

Feed the patient with bread

People who are weakened are recommended bee bread - bee bread. The nutritional properties of this product give strength, energy, and normalize blood composition. It is also recommended for patients with endocrine diseases and s / s / s diseases.

Complex impact

All beekeeping products, in addition to the targeted action, work for general health improvement in general.

Food for cells

Let this real "live food" feed the cells with energy, vigor, good mood!

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