The Use Of Propolis In Gynecology

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The Use Of Propolis In Gynecology
The Use Of Propolis In Gynecology

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Propolis is a by-product of beekeeping and a unique natural substance based on vegetable resins mixed with pollen, essential oils and wax.

The use of propolis in gynecology
The use of propolis in gynecology

Bees use it as a basic building material when repairing hives. In addition, the proven antimicrobial, wound healing and antiseptic effect of this natural drug.

Since ancient times, people have used propolis as a treatment for various diseases. The relevance of the therapeutic principle has survived to this day. Taking propolis tincture inside has a tonic effect, increases immunity.


Indications for use in gynecological diseases

1. Fungal infections.

2. Diseases of an inflammatory nature (colpitis, endometritis, vulvovaginitis, adnexitis).

3. Sexually transmitted infections.

4. Prolonged infertility.

5. Diseases of the ovaries.

This is an incomplete list of diseases that candles and tampons with propolis can cope with. They not only directly treat the disease, but also alleviate the unpleasant symptoms associated with it. These include burning, itching, painful sensations.


Gynecological problems that can be eliminated with propolis

1. Erosion of the cervix is ​​a delicate problem faced by every second woman. The cause is human papillomavirus, inflammatory diseases. Studies show that with regular use of propolis tampons, complete healing occurs in 80% of cases.

2. The ability to inhibit the development of tumor cells is actively used in the treatment of uterine fibroids. The cause of this pathology is hormonal disruptions, constant stress and physical inactivity. With the regular use of tampons with propolis, long-term therapy of the disease leads to involution and resorption of the tumor.

3. The ovarian cyst is a tumor-like formation of the endocrine organ, filled with liquid contents. Despite the beliefs of doctors that treatment is possible only by surgery, folk remedies can also try to cope with the problem. To do this, it is recommended to mix balm with propolis and rosehip syrup in equal parts. Take orally with meals throughout the week.

It is important to remember that allergy to any bee products precludes the use of the above treatments.

Products with the addition of propolis are widely represented on the shelves of pharmacies. Unlike handicraft preparations, the buyer can be sure of the quality and composition of the purchased product. Pharmacy propolis tincture has a quality certificate confirming the authenticity of the medicine.

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