Onions As A Folk Remedy

Onions As A Folk Remedy
Onions As A Folk Remedy

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In nature, remedies can be found to treat many diseases. Folk recipes still help in life. Unlike chemistry, they do not harm the body, and sometimes completely replace pharmaceuticals. Simple onions are not only used in cooking. It has long been used to treat various diseases.

Onions for the treatment of diseases
Onions for the treatment of diseases

Onions will help bring down the heat. This tool is suitable for both children and adults. Take an onion and cut it into thin rings, then dip it in apple cider vinegar and let it brew a little. Place the bow on the patient's feet and put on warm socks on top. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated. Temperatures usually drop very quickly.

Onions fight any infection. Onion paste is good for healing wounds. To do this, bring milk to a boil, dip white bread in it so that it is soaked, but not soaked. Then grate the onion on the bread and mash everything until you get gruel. Apply this paste to the wound for several hours. When the gruel is dry, it is recommended to repeat the procedure.

With a bow, you can stop minor bleeding. To do this, it is enough to attach a piece of onion, wrapped in a bandage, to the wound. The blood will stop very quickly.

Using onions, you can heal the burn at home. It is enough to attach the onion to the burnt place and leave it for a while. Then lubricate the affected area with egg white. Sunburn can be eliminated in the same way.

Onions are able to become an indispensable aid in the treatment of cough. Syrup is prepared from it with the addition of honey or granulated sugar. You can drink a teaspoon several times a day.

If you are bitten by a bee or other insect, immediately attach an onion cut in half to this place. It will reduce swelling and eliminate pain, relieve debilitating itching.

For a severe headache, place a small piece of onion in your ear and leave it overnight. The same procedure works for ear pain relief.

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