Causes Of Insomnia: The Opinion Of Representatives Of Oriental Medicine

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Causes Of Insomnia: The Opinion Of Representatives Of Oriental Medicine
Causes Of Insomnia: The Opinion Of Representatives Of Oriental Medicine

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There are many factors that cause sleep disturbances in humans. Insomnia can be a consequence of psychological trauma, develop due to unconscious negative associations with the night and the process of falling asleep, formed under the influence of any somatic diseases, and so on. Representatives of oriental medicine identify several main causes of insomnia.

Causes of insomnia in oriental medicine
Causes of insomnia in oriental medicine

Insomnia can be chronic / prolonged, constantly recurrent, acute. This negative state is especially typical for the inhabitants of megalopolises. At the same time, sleep disturbances, difficulty falling asleep can occur at any age. It is not recommended to ignore insomnia, because lack of sleep and rest leads to serious problems. Among them are diabetes mellitus and chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease and malfunctioning of all systems, depression and obesity.

One of the alternative, but often very effective methods of treating insomnia is the use of remedies from the arsenal of oriental medicine. However, in order for them to really bring the desired result, it is important to determine exactly why insomnia has arisen, why it is impossible to fall asleep even after an active and hard day. Representatives of oriental medicine distinguish several main reasons due to which insomnia is formed.

Improper nutrition

Experts believe that the wrong diet provokes difficulty falling asleep and affects the quality of sleep. Certain foods eaten during the day or just before going to bed can cause indigestion and overload the digestive tract. All this affects a person's sleep. Moreover, oriental doctors believe that unsuitable food negatively affects the spleen and causes joint diseases. Acting in a complex manner, such problems form insomnia.

Chronic stress

In this case, we are talking precisely about overstrain of the nervous system, about a constant strong mental load. If such situations are present in a person's life on an ongoing basis, then you can forget about a good, full-fledged dream.

Mental stress provokes:

  • endless internal dialogue, chaotic thoughts, incessant brain activity;
  • failures in the work of the heart;
  • insufficient supply of important nutrients to internal organs, tissues, cells;
  • changes in the composition and volume of blood;
  • the development of pathologies affecting the spleen.

Strictly speaking, chronic stress forces the human body to constantly be in a state of stress and increased activity, including motor activity. All this is not capable of positively affecting falling asleep. Therefore, in order to understand how to get rid of insomnia quickly, you need to revise your usual daily routine, learn to relieve stress.

Blood problems

This cause of insomnia is closely related to chronic fatigue and constant mental activity.

When the blood begins to move incorrectly in the human body, its composition changes, then there is a violation in the work of the heart and blood vessels. The heart muscles do not receive the necessary nutrients and vitamins necessary to maintain the correct rhythm. Against the background of this, a person may feel inexplicable anxiety, panic attacks may appear, and anxiety may increase. All this makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Anxious consciousness

Representatives of oriental medicine are sure that a person suffering from insomnia is faced with a situation when excess phlegm accumulates in the body, endogenous humidity rises. This creates a fertile ground for anxiety, constant mental activity.Gradually, this leads to the fact that insomnia appears, and dreams become nightmarish, viscous, intermittent.

Nervousness as a Cause of Insomnia

Many people know that nerves and stress interfere with sleep. However, from the point of view of oriental specialists, nervousness negatively affects the health and performance of the gallbladder. Failure in the work of this organ aggravates the condition, transfers insomnia into a chronic condition that is extremely difficult to eliminate. In addition, against the background of this, anxiety usually increases and vital energy decreases.

Liver problems cause sleep disturbances

The liver is a very important organ in the human body. If the liver begins to function incorrectly, then various pathologies arise, among which insomnia often appears as a result of internal diseases. Dull mood, lack of strength, lethargy are characteristic of a similar cause of insomnia, they also cause increased irritation, which also does not allow you to fall asleep easily and quickly at night.

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