Found Sources Of Health And Youth. Part 4

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Found Sources Of Health And Youth. Part 4
Found Sources Of Health And Youth. Part 4

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Everyone who has seen the film “The Great Mystery of Water” remembers the beautiful geometric shapes that water forms, if it has previously “heard” prayers of different confessions, classical music, and kind words. And as an antipode - ugly formations, if music in the style of "metal" and other sounds with low vibrations sounded next to the water.

Water in our body behaves in exactly the same way - it is called "informational memory of water".

Found sources of health and youth. Part 4
Found sources of health and youth. Part 4

And it brings into our body the information that it absorbs from the environment.

Why does water react so much to vibration?

Moreover, these are not just sounds - they were still emotionally colored, that is, the words were pronounced with some kind of feeling, with emotion.

It turns out that at different frequencies of sounds and emotions, water changes its structure, taking the shape of a triangle, square, polyhedron, etc. And the construction of structural protein molecules in our body depends on this.

With a decrease in the frequency of vibrations, water abruptly changes its properties - it loses its structure, the bonds between its molecules are broken. And in order for the structured fluid to enter the blood and body cells, the body spends a lot of effort on changing it. He spends a lot of energy, a lot of energy that could benefit a person. Instead, it feels de-energized. We understand that our creation, development - everything depends on the program carried by the water.


How is it structured?

What influences the structure of water, considering that it “hears” and feels everything”?

This is an amazing story - water remembers everything, it knows everything, it can interact with us, it hears our prayers, it hears our requests, it perceives our anger, our irritation - everything is reflected in its structure. In a word, there is a powerful code energy in the water. And if the brain is 90% water, it means that in a word you can reprogram the brain structure.

And then resentment arises, unforeseen emotions, and this is the beginning of the disease. If someone has offended with a word - this is the same as to offend with a deed. But you can even offend with a thought, because it also carries energy and affects the water.

Water perceives this thought, multiplies, translates, absorbs, imprints, stores and influences health - cells and central nervous system.

There is a reverse process - if water “hears” positive sounds and “feels” positive feelings, it becomes healing, it can be treated. For medicinal purposes, some even say positive affirmations over the water so that it absorbs information and convey it to all cells. And it works.


However, people need, first of all, to learn to respect water, to treat it as a source of life - after all, this is so. Of course, this can be called insignificant, but if the water perceives everything, then this should be taken into account.

For example, how do we drink water? Remember how we drink vodka and wine - as a rule, these are beautiful glasses, glasses, etc. What do we drink water from? From plastic bottles, and even from the neck. We do not respect water - we are too lazy to pour it into a crystal glass, into a beautiful dish. This is disrespect for water. Therefore, we pay with our health for disrespecting every drop of water.

Perhaps it's time to think about how to treat water. Perhaps not everyone has the time and opportunity to drink water from crystal glasses, but it is quite possible to simply understand the meaning of water in one's life.

For more information about what kind of water is most useful for a person, read the article “Found sources of health and youth. Part 5 "- there are all the details about the properties of useful water.

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