Healthy Herbs For The Gums

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Healthy Herbs For The Gums
Healthy Herbs For The Gums

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Many mouthwashes can be found in pharmacies. However, it is not at all necessary to immediately turn to any "chemical" drugs with which you can stop bleeding or strengthen the gums. In many cases, medicinal herbs give excellent results, with infusions and decoctions of which you need to rinse your mouth at least twice a day.

Healthy herbs for the gums
Healthy herbs for the gums

The oral cavity needs careful and regular care. It is not enough to simply brush your teeth in the morning and evening. It is recommended to floss and rinse your mouth throughout the day, especially after eating. However, sometimes, even with proper care, a person suddenly faces the development of diseases affecting the gums. Suddenly, bleeding appears, the gums can become inflamed and injured, including due to an incorrectly selected toothbrush. To strengthen the gums, get rid of harmful microbes, you should turn to herbal medicine. There are many medicinal herbs and special preparations that help to improve the condition. They are recommended to be used from time to time and for the prevention of gum disease. What are the most effective herbs?

5 herbs for gum health

Sage. A decoction of this herb successfully prevails over various inflammatory processes, for this reason, doctors often recommend gargling with sage for colds. This herb is also suitable for rinsing the mouth; with the help of a decoction, healing compresses can also be made. Sage stops bleeding from the gums, gradually strengthens them, prevents harmful organisms in the oral cavity from actively multiplying, and also has an analgesic effect.

Oak bark. Oak bark decoction is a very common natural medicine that helps to normalize the condition of the gums in record time. Oak bark has an astringent effect, therefore it easily copes with bleeding, quickly heals various injuries and sores. A decoction or infusion also creates an invisible protective film on the gums and mucous membranes of the mouth. However, overuse of oak bark can lead to darkening of the tooth enamel.

Ginger. You can use ginger to heal the gums in the form of an infusion or in its natural form. For example, it is enough to chew a small piece of ginger for some time after eating to have a firming effect on the gums. Ginger destroys various microorganisms well, does not allow inflammatory processes in the mouth to progress.

Chamomile. Decoctions and infusions of chamomile flowers are used for various painful conditions, suitable for prophylaxis. Chamomile is the very natural remedy that helps to heal gingivitis, has a wound healing effect. With the help of decoctions and infusions, you can quickly get rid of gum disease.

Golden mustache. Means from this herb have a beneficial effect on the condition of the mucous membranes and on the gums, and help to heal wounds. Golden mustache is naturally endowed with anti-inflammatory properties. Herbal decoctions and infusions will be especially effective if applied immediately after brushing your teeth.

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