Golden Root In Traditional Medicine

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Golden Root In Traditional Medicine
Golden Root In Traditional Medicine

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From the experience of herbalists in Altai and Siberia, effective recipes for compositions in which the root of Rhodiola rosea is present have come into our lives. The main recommendation for the use of decoctions, infusions and golden root extract is not to overdo it. The safest regimen for taking adaptogenic drugs is considered a five-day course, then a break for seven days and another resumption of the five-day course.

Golden root in traditional medicine
Golden root in traditional medicine

Types of medicinal compositions

In the pharmacy network, Rhodiola rosea preparations are sold in the form of tinctures, tablets or in the form of raw materials for making infusions, decoctions and teas at home.

  1. Infusion. This is a liquid dosage form, which is prepared according to a certain technology. Raw materials are poured with boiling water and time is given for the healing substances to pass into the liquid phase.
  2. Tincture. This is a liquid preparation of Rhodiola rosea, in which alcohol is present. This form is stored for a long time without changing the quality.
  3. Broth.. The dosage form of the golden root, prepared by boiling dry roots in boiling water.
  4. Tea. The traditional method of preparing a fragrant invigorating drink.

Cure for hypotension - vodka tincture of Rhodiola rosea root

50 grams of medicinal raw materials in the form of well-dried roots are ground in a coffee grinder to a powder state. The resulting pollen is poured with vodka in the amount of two glasses. This mixture should be placed in a dark place for two weeks. While the tincture is being prepared, it must be periodically taken out into the light and gently shaken.

After 14 days, the finished hypotension agent is filtered and poured into a dark glass bottle. To normalize blood pressure with low blood pressure monitor readings, take the medicine two teaspoons before meals. The frequency of admission is three times a day. It is recommended to start taking golden root tincture with a few drops and gradually bring to the required volume.

Recipe for tincture of Radiola rosea root for the treatment of nervous disorders, digestive disorders, colds

Two sticks of dried roots are chopped with a knife and brewed with a glass of boiling water. The mug with the future medicine is insisted for about four hours, then filtered through a gauze napkin. It is an effective rinsing agent for washing wound surfaces. For the treatment of the above diseases, the infusion is taken one hundred grams three times a day.

The recipe for a decoction of the golden root for the treatment of diseases of the female and male genital organs

The broth is used both externally for wiping and lotions, and internally with exacerbation of pain, increased uterine bleeding, with impotence in men. When taken internally as an additional action, the decoction of the golden root reduces high blood sugar values, soothes headaches and pain in the lower abdomen. It can be used for rinsing with diseases of the oral cavity - gingivitis, stomatitis and periodontal disease.

To prepare the broth, boil water. You will need half a liter of boiling water. Grind four sticks of dry roots and pour boiling water over it. The resulting mixture must be held in a water bath or low heat. The drug is insisted for a couple of hours. When the broth has cooled, it is filtered and stored in the refrigerator. The regimen is simple - three times a day, 50 milliliters.

A decoction recipe for the treatment of sexual weakness, asthenia, neuroses and for recovery after a serious illness

It is a drug that strongly tones the central nervous system. Coffee or strong black tea does not give such a surge of vivacity and strength. Such a potent drug is taken only when absolutely necessary. For cooking, take a spoonful of crushed raw materials, which are poured with a liter of cool water. The mixture is brought to a boil and boiled for 10 minutes. The resulting broth is infused for an hour, after wrapping the dishes with the broth with a warm handkerchief.The tonic drink should be consumed throughout the day. To enhance the adaptogenic and stimulating effect, add a spoonful of honey or cane sugar to the broth.

Collecting Recipe for Maintaining Excellent Immunity

It is a universal remedy for maintaining the protective functions of the immune system. The mixture includes the fruits of hawthorn, rose hips, herbs, which can be collected in the summer or bought at the pharmacy. To prepare the mixture, you will need the following raw materials: Equal parts of 20 grams of dry rosehip fruits, golden root and zamaniha root. To the resulting collection, add the herb St. John's wort in the amount of 10 grams, nettle herb - 10 grams and 15 grams of red hawthorn berries. Pour a handful of collection with boiling water and simmer for ten minutes over low heat. The resulting broth is insisted for several hours, then filtered. The resulting saturated liquid must be diluted with a glass of boiling water. The medicine is taken three times a day, 50-70 milliliters.

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