Found Sources Of Health And Youth. Part 2

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Found Sources Of Health And Youth. Part 2
Found Sources Of Health And Youth. Part 2

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In an effort to preserve youth, different people prefer different actions: someone goes to the gym, someone uses expensive cosmetics or does a massage, someone generally leads a healthy lifestyle. And few people know that without sufficient water consumption, all these efforts are only fifty percent effective.

Found sources of health and youth. Part 2
Found sources of health and youth. Part 2

Why is this happening? Because we are almost eighty percent water. And if there is not enough water in the body, it does not work properly.

By some unfortunate accident, we have tremendous knowledge in physics, in space and even in ballet, after all. However, water is a secret with seven seals.

And how does it behave in the human body? What are its general properties? It is not enough to know how much water you need to drink a day. It is also important to understand what kind of water we drink - useful, useless or harmful.

In nature, there is water in huge quantities - 1,500,000,000 cubic meters: in the atmosphere, seas and oceans, in glaciers, in the snow. And only 3% of the water is on land, and not all of it is drinkable. Why? Because according to its properties, it can be very different, but for our body, water needs certain properties, and this is very important. Otherwise, water may not be beneficial, but harm.


It turns out that there is very little water for drinking on the planet, and every day it becomes less and less. Therefore, attention to water is not only a question of preserving youth, but also a question of the existence of mankind. There are regions where there is no water, there are regions where it leaves. And imagine that when you turn on the washing machine, you are wasting 300 liters of water !! And in some countries, people cannot afford to drink more than half a liter of water. There is not very much water in nature, and now it needs additional processing.

However, this is only a digression, let's return to the main one.

What kind of water is there?

  • Sour;
  • Salted;
  • Alkaline.

And depending on this, its effect on the human body changes significantly.

And it is also clear that the water must be clean. By the way, water is a substance that has no form. It takes the form of a dish into which it is poured. In the body, it takes on the shape of our organs. It is called immortal - it evaporates, turns into clouds, then falls out again.


However, there is now a lot of harmful water. In general, there is practically no pure water - it is home for the development of various biological life forms, many of which are not desirable for us.

And also water is a store of energy. But in order to know how to get "good energy" from it, you need to know its following properties:

1. What is the structure of water;

2. The presence of heavy metal salts in it;

3. Does it contain fungi, parasites, bacteria;

4. What is its temperature;

5. What is its surface tension;

6. How many minerals and salts are in it;

7. What is its ORP (redox processes);

8. How tough it is;

9. What is her PH (acid-base balance);

10. What is her information memory.

Fortunately, you can now buy ORP and PH meters to find out some of the properties of water; water can be purified using filters; hardness and bacteria can be fought by boiling. However, with regard to the structure and informational memory of water - some efforts are needed here.

It is worth it, however, because these properties of water are just as important as anything else.

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