Royal Jelly: Composition, Properties, Benefits

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Royal Jelly: Composition, Properties, Benefits
Royal Jelly: Composition, Properties, Benefits

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Since ancient times, people have known and used the properties of honey and bee products. The ancestors considered bees to be symbols of immortality, similar to the "spirits of the wind", which often change their place and never die. Yes, they, of course, deified the winged workers, but observing the life of a bee family, they came to the conclusion that bees are completely independent creatures, and the hive is a single living organism. Gathering in a family, they have a powerful accumulation of information and the exchange of it. In essence, the hive is a collective brain, more powerful than the human brain. Taking as a basis the theory of the "living hive" and testing it on bee products, it is possible to build a kind of row - from the cell to the organism as a whole. What place does royal jelly take in this series? The very first thing! This is the material for building a cell - the beginning of beginnings! Royal jelly eliminates breakdowns and accidents at the level of a small cell and reanimates it. This is the rescuer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who comes quickly to the rescue!

Royal jelly: composition, properties, benefits
Royal jelly: composition, properties, benefits

Flying Cow Milk

Currently, humanity is in great need of a living full-fledged product. And where can you get one? Looking to the bee in the hive, you can see that the "little hard workers" not only produce honey, but also other usefulness: wax, polish, bee bread, propolis, bee venom and even milk! Yes, yes, our bee is also a "flying cow", whose milk, for its benefit, is much more valuable than a cow's and, which is not a little important, is healthier!

Content, rich composition

Royal jelly - what is it? Is it liquid, can it be drunk in liters or spread on bread like condensed milk? No, in the conventional sense, the uterine product is not like regular milk, although it is very nutritious. This product of the secretory activity of the queen bee has a transparent consistency and a jelly-like structure, for which it is also called "royal jelly". In the hive, it is contained in queen cells intended for feeding the larvae. To feed a queen bee, a larva feeds for five days, a normal worker bee for three days. The cells are carefully removed, the tops are cut off, the milk is removed with a glass spatula. The mass of the cell with milk is very small, about 230 - 240 mg, but its activity is great. Royal jelly is one of the most biologically active products, not fully studied, containing more than 110 different compounds and elements. Its protein component contains 22 amino acids that are vital for humans; a whole range of macro- and microelements; rich vitamin composition; hormone-like enzymes and a number of other biologically active substances. Royal jelly is taken orally in small doses, due to its rich composition and burning taste

Uniqueness, proven in practice

You can decide that milk, that it is like a vitamin and mineral complex from a pharmacy, just saturates the body with the necessary substances and that's it. But no! This product is truly unique! So in animals, it increases hemoglobin and the number of red blood cells, makes their coat thick and shiny. In the course of experiments on fish and tadpoles, the results showed that royal jelly prolongs their life. In chickens, rabbits and other animals, when taking it, the external signs of old age disappeared, they became more energetic, and increased their weight.

Positive experience in wellness

Japanese biologists have long learned about the medicinal properties of this bee product. After the atomic attack experienced by their people, they found their own way of healing. Royal jelly became their # 1 lifesaver. He was included in the national health improvement program of the country. Royal jelly powder was added to soups, drinks, and various dishes. The government spared no expense in purchasing it. Scientists have found that royal jelly removes radionucleides, and therefore introduced it into the health improvement program.In a short space of time, Japan quickly got back on its feet.

The secret is revealed

And Soviet biologists, in the mid-60s, under the leadership of Professor A.N. Melnichenko unraveled a secret, born of nature itself. They found that royal jelly contains DNA and RNA, or the code of heredity. This means that milk is capable of rejuvenating and growing new cells. Thanks to this ability, this bee product is able to cope with 20 types of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. What is a virus? And a virus is an information explosion that causes mutations, knocking out a DNA molecule from its regime. Milk, on the other hand, penetrates the diseased cell and pushes out the virus. Unlike drugs, "royal jelly" does not kill the cell along with the virus, but heals it and grows new healthy cells - shields that are already protected from a harmful attack.

Guarding health

This truly fabulous product contributes to the normalization of processes in the brain in children with cerebral palsy and premature infants, as well as normalizes body weight. For nursing mothers, it increases lactation, restores hormones and metabolism, and nourishes the female body with everything necessary after childbirth. On the basis of milk, preparations are prepared that are complex medicines of a wide spectrum of action.

Patients with cardiovascular diseases, taking royal jelly under the tongue in small doses, gradually abandon nitroglycerin. With the use of this bee product in humans, the daily fluctuation in blood pressure decreases, the tone increases, and sleep improves. Patients recover quickly after a heart attack and stroke.

Patients with radiculitis, heart neuroses, lumbodynia, climacteric neuroses and other diseases of the nervous system, this product soothes, relieves pain, restores. And all because it contains the entire group of vitamin B and many other essential nutrients for the nervous system.

In case of problems in the genital area, the milk, again, works "perfectly". It enhances potency, fertility, relieves inflammatory processes in the reproductive organs. And all due to the hormone-like compounds, enzymes, amino acids included in it. It also has a beneficial effect on the intrauterine state of the fetus, its postpartum development and the further health of the baby.

This is a real healing drug for people engaged in hard physical labor, athletes, people of extreme specialties - rescuers, divers, military. For those working in hazardous industries, it is extremely necessary to take milk. it removes harmful substances, radionuclides and quickly restores the body.

Helps patients who have undergone postoperative complications, radiation, asthenia, anemia, tuberculosis, depression. The milk literally puts them on their feet, revives them. Helps almost all people with digestive system problems, improves the condition of hepatitis, pancreatitis, kidney disease.

The bee product will heal burns and skin lesions. For cosmetic purposes, honey and milk masks rejuvenate and regenerate the skin of the face. Its extracts are taken internally for fungal diseases.

Royal jelly plays a very important role when it is taken internally by the elderly. The body of such a person begins its action small - at the level of the cell and then continues to improve physiological functions and indicators on an increasing basis. Thus, it is possible to slow down the decrepitude of a person.

In addition to all of the above, royal jelly inhibits the growth of tumors. By what means? Again, by updating DNA links and ridding their cells of mutations.

Highly intelligent product

Today, royal jelly is not a panacea for various diseases and ailments, but it's still worth thinking about.After all, the product is life-giving from the bee! And, as you know, bees are highly organized individuals on earth with excellent intelligence. Their life arrangement is still not fully studied by a person.

Royal Jelly

In ancient times, kings and the entire elite already knew about the properties of a wonderful potion. They kept this knowledge secret and resorted to it in order to rejuvenate and prolong life. Hence the name - "royal jelly".

Achieve longevity

Currently, this bee product is not in short supply, because there are plenty of beekeeping farms in the country. Perhaps, having learned in detail about the beneficial properties of royal jelly, people will begin to take an example from the advanced Japanese, actively heal and achieve longevity!

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