Found Sources Of Health And Youth. Part 3

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Found Sources Of Health And Youth. Part 3
Found Sources Of Health And Youth. Part 3

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One of the sources of youth and health is water. What kind of water should be in order for a person to receive full-fledged energy from it? After all, if the water is "wrong" - the body spends a lot of effort to change its properties and make it suitable for humans. And this is an extra expenditure of energy that could be used in a different way.

Found sources of health and youth. Part 3
Found sources of health and youth. Part 3

What do we mean when we say water is good?

Clean - dirty, highly mineralized - low mineralized, hard - soft, and so on? This is important for the behavior of water in the human body. If by its properties water is suitable for the body, if it freely penetrates into cells and intercellular space, this water is suitable for drinking.

Recently, numerous studies of the properties of water have been carried out, and scientists have identified the following:

  1. This is one of the most mysterious properties of water: water does not consist of individual molecules, but of large compounds, including up to 900 molecules - clusters. Therefore, the water we drink must be structured.
  2. If metal salts are "off scale" in the water, you must not drink it.
  3. They are everywhere and everywhere, but their number must comply with accepted standards so as not to harm a person.
  4. Water has a surface film - it saves water from tension. In the tap, the surface tension is more than 76 dynes per centimeter, and in the body - about 36 dynes. Therefore, tap water does not flow through our vessels, and the body makes efforts to reduce the surface tension.
  5. It should be 20-40 degrees or so. If we drink cold water, when the temperature of the water in the stomach rises, gases come out of it, and the stomach begins to swell, especially from mineral water and lemonade. And if we drink very hot, we damage the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus.
  6. … Mineralization is the quantity and quality of elements in the water. Mineral water comes with calcium, magnesium, etc. salts. Somewhere there is selenium, somewhere there is sulfur. The amount of minerals in water should not exceed 300 mg per square decimeter to maintain the electrolyte composition of body fluids. If the water contains more than 1000 mg of minerals, you can no longer drink it.
  7. water shows the presence of carbonate salts in it. These are insoluble calcium salts, they are not absorbed by the body, but are deposited in it in the form of stones in various organs. Centenarian water is water with a low calcium content.
  8. (redox potential or the ability of water to enter into a redox reaction). ORP is a special property of water, it shows how the water is charged - positively or negatively.
  9. (acid-base balance). This is important for redox processes. Life is only possible in an alkaline environment. Alkaline water is called living water. Sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium are minerals that provide energy. One of the mechanisms of death is acidification of the body. In medicine, this is called "acute heart failure." When a person drinks alkaline water, the body regenerates and regenerates cells, that is, damaged tissues and organs. Damaged systems are restored, the work of the heart and brain is restored. In the Russian language there is an expression: "Why is your face so sour?" That is, acidification is a symbol of despondency or a symbol of the body's malfunctioning.
  10. … Around us is a rich information field, which is stitched and filled with sounds, thoughts, feelings. Water hears and feels them, it reacts to them. If the field is calm, the water inside our body is also calm. But if a person sleeps, for example, near the refrigerator or in a dream hears how the refrigerator works, the water inside the body begins to "dance": jump, twitch. And in order to calm the water, the body makes quite a lot of effort.If in the kitchen, where there is water, they often quarrel and swear, the water will absorb this vibration of aggression and transfer it to the one who drinks it. And this lowers the energy potential of a person.

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