How To Whiten An Eyeball

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How To Whiten An Eyeball
How To Whiten An Eyeball

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The yellowness of the eyeball indicates some diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, before attempting to whiten the eyeball in any way, the root cause should be addressed.

How to whiten an eyeball
How to whiten an eyeball


Step 1

Liver disease may be the cause of the discoloration of the eyeball. For example, yellowing of the eyes can be a symptom of hepatitis. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to consult a doctor, undergo an examination, and take tests.

Step 2

Yellowing can also be caused by an overdose of medications or excessive use of synthetic vitamins. Reduce the dose of these drugs and the eyeballs will return to their previous color.

Step 3

Proper nutrition will also help to change the color of the eyeball. Contact a gastroenterologist, he will examine your gastrointestinal tract, identify the cause and prescribe a diet. Don't eat a lot of fried and fatty foods. Carrots, liver, vegetables and fruits are good for the eyes.

Step 4

Never use any chemical to whiten your eyeballs. The mucous membrane of the eye is very delicate, and you will cause irreparable harm to its integrity. You should also not try to mechanically affect the eye. This will not only damage the shell, but also impair your eyesight.

Step 5

If your yellowness is not caused by disease, try water-based treatments to restore the color of your eyeball. Take water in your palm, bend over and try to blink an eye in the water. This procedure will increase blood circulation and relieve fatigue from the visual organ. Your eyeballs may become lighter after this. Use eye drops to relieve fatigue.

Step 6

Cosmetics will help to hide the yellowness a little. Use the pearlescent pencil on the lower eyelid, apply mascara only to the upper eyelashes. Do not use too bright shadows, give up reds and yellows.

Step 7

Walking in the fresh air helps to improve the color of proteins. Wear sunglasses in very sunny weather.

Step 8

Also, try to spend less time watching TV. If your work is connected with the computer, then take off from the monitor every 45 minutes. Look out the window, if possible, stand up and walk around the room. Do simple eye exercises. Close them for a while and sit for a couple of minutes in a relaxed position.

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