How To Quickly Bring Down A High Temperature

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How To Quickly Bring Down A High Temperature
How To Quickly Bring Down A High Temperature

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The increased body temperature provokes a deterioration in the general condition of the patient, weakness, malaise, chills and other unpleasant sensations appear. When the mark of the thermometer reaches 38-39 degrees, the temperature must be reduced.

How to quickly bring down a high temperature
How to quickly bring down a high temperature


Step 1

Take any antipyretic drug. Aspirin, Nurofen or Ibuprofen will do. Children and people with liver problems are advised to take paracetamol only. You will feel better after 20-30 minutes. If nausea is observed after taking the pill, next time resort to the help of rectal suppositories.

Step 2

Observe bed rest. Try to walk as little as possible at a temperature, especially do not go to work - this can provoke complications during the course of the disease. If you do the treatment under the supervision of a specialist, you will recover very soon.

Step 3

Dilute the vinegar essence to 5% and wipe the body with the solution. Apple cider vinegar is also suitable - the recommended ratio is 1: 1 in relation to water. After a few minutes, the temperature will start to drop. Some people use vodka for this purpose. But it is undesirable to wipe the body during the period of illness with alcohol-containing agents, since they penetrate the bloodstream and cause intoxication. If you are intolerant of either alcohol or vinegar, soak a piece of wood in ice water and wipe it all over your body.

Step 4

Take off your warm clothes, even if you are cold. It is advisable to ventilate the room, but try not to be in a draft. So, although not much, the temperature will still drop, because the body will cool naturally.

Step 5

Drink the raspberry leaf decoction throughout the day. Raspberry jam juice is also suitable. Also consume as much other liquids as possible: natural juices, mineral water, compote.

Step 6

Call an ambulance if the body temperature rises above 39 degrees and is not reduced by any medication. Do not hesitate if this happens to a child. If you do not want to go to the hospital, then at least you will be given an antipyretic injection and examined.

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