Can Inhalation Be Done At A Temperature?

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Can Inhalation Be Done At A Temperature?
Can Inhalation Be Done At A Temperature?

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Treatment of colds is carried out using a complex of therapeutic measures, which are selected individually, based on the symptoms and severity of the disease, in accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician. One of the most popular and effective treatments for colds and flu is inhalation, but this method has its own contraindications.

Can inhalation be done at a temperature?
Can inhalation be done at a temperature?

When inhaled, the active substances are sprayed into the nasopharynx, acting on the mucous membrane, which ensures the fastest possible absorption, and therefore the manifestation of the therapeutic effect. However, as in the case of using any other equipment, the use of the inhaler has its limitations and contraindications.

Steam inhaler

Traditional steam inhalers, based on inhaling the vapors of medicinal plants, can cause an increase in body temperature, which makes their use extremely undesirable if the patient already has a high temperature.

A sharp increase in body temperature can negatively affect the protective mechanisms of the human body, therefore, when treating colds, it is better to avoid methods that contribute to its further increase.

Inhalation at a body temperature of more than 37.5 ° C can do more harm than good.

An exception can be made for a local device acting only on the nose and throat. In this case, the effect of hot steam on the increase in overall body temperature will be minimal, but the final decision must be made by your doctor.

You need to be especially careful when treating a child, since they have insufficiently formed immunity and thinner mucous membranes.

Nebulizer inhalation

A nebulizer is a special device that sprays a cloud of tiny drug particles into the throat to directly affect the respiratory system. Unlike a steam inhaler, the nebulizer does not affect the body temperature of a person, which means it can be used at high temperatures.

However, this only applies to appliances that use the unheated spray method. Modern devices that combine the advantages of steam and ultrasonic distribution of drugs cannot be used at elevated temperatures either.

Do not forget that there are other rules for using inhalers, they must also be followed in order to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect.

Do not eat an hour before inhalation, observe the exact dosage and alternation of drugs, breathe slowly and deeply during the procedure.

Contraindications to the use of any inhalation, including a nebulizer, are nosebleeds, as well as respiratory and cardiovascular insufficiency.

As for the medicinal solutions used, saline, mineral water, sage and chamomile broth are best suited for colds and flu.

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