Is It Harmful To Go To Bed In Socks

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Is It Harmful To Go To Bed In Socks
Is It Harmful To Go To Bed In Socks

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During sleep, a person should be in the most comfortable conditions for himself. A soft bed, comfortable clothes, and a consistent temperature regime contribute to a good rest. Comfortable clothing includes pajamas, nightgowns, and sometimes socks. Some people simply cannot sleep because their feet are cold and wear socks to keep warm.

Cute socks
Cute socks

Opinion "for"

A healthy sleep is a dream after which a person wakes up well-slept, energetic and vigorous. Everything that interferes with such a dream must be got rid of. If it is cold in your apartment and you cannot sleep because your feet are cold, feel free to wear socks. Just choose such models, the elastic bands on which will not interfere with blood circulation.

During a cold, socks are essential. They provide blood flow to the legs and promote quick recovery. Traditional "first aid" for colds is woolen socks with mustard powder poured inside. Going to bed in such "outfit", be prepared for the fact that in the morning you can wake up completely healthy.

Opinion against

Doctors say that the elastic of the socks squeezes blood vessels and interferes with normal blood circulation. A person cannot fully sleep when something interferes with him, he feels a desire to get rid of the interfering object. That is why many people who fall asleep with a cold in socks find them in the morning anywhere but on their own feet.

You need to be especially careful about sleeping in socks when it comes to children. If your child seems to be freezing, think three times before putting socks on him at night. The human body has a built-in thermoregulation mechanism, and if a child opens up and throws off the blanket, then, most likely, he is simply hot. In addition, some people simply cannot sleep in their clothes, experiencing discomfort from this, therefore, putting on socks on the child, you can disrupt the baby's sleep pattern.

Sleep socks

Fortunately for the frosty people, the industry is producing medical socks that can be worn while sleeping. These products are made from natural cotton and linen threads, do not contain synthetics and do not interfere with blood circulation. Their main feature is the absence of an elastic band.

Medical socks are also used by people with diabetes. These products are popular with travelers, drivers and anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. Since there is no rubber band on medical models, they do not interfere with blood circulation.

If you are not sleeping alone, choose socks that make your partner enjoy looking at you. Set aside thick, knitted, woolen products in case you get sick: in case of illness, your partner will understand you and forgive you. If you can't sleep barefoot, choose thin, pretty socks in neutral colors.

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