Shypitsa: Causes Of Occurrence

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Shypitsa: Causes Of Occurrence
Shypitsa: Causes Of Occurrence

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The barb is caused by the papilloma virus, which can be contracted by a person with reduced immunity and the presence of wounds or scratches on the soles of the feet or palms. Spines tend to form in these areas of the body.

Shypitsa: causes of occurrence
Shypitsa: causes of occurrence

Causes of occurrence

The cause of the spines, like many other diseases, lies in weak immunity. A healthy and strong body is able to cope with any disease. The papilloma virus, which causes the spine, is present in many people, but it is exacerbated only with immunodeficiency, exhaustion and weakness of the body. If the skin is damaged in the form of scratches, untreated wounds, calluses, then the likelihood of a spine increases. Frequent exposure to humid environments or excessive sweating can aggravate the situation, and the disease will progress.


To prevent the occurrence of a spines, it is important to monitor your health and strengthen the immune system. The legs and arms require special attention. You should not wear someone else's shoes, especially on bare feet, and also use someone else's rubber gloves. In public places, such as gyms, swimming pools, hygiene should be maintained, and personal rubber slippers should be worn in baths and showers. If your feet sweat excessively, the shoes need to be dried well and the insoles in them should be changed more often. At home, you should give your feet a rest from any even home shoes.


The barb gets its name from the analogy of painful sensations that occur when stepping on a thorn. Just as a splinter can be troublesome until it is removed, a splinter will be a nuisance until it is removed. It looks like a dense callus or yellow wart that rises above the surface of the skin. Most often, it is found on the feet under the thumb or on the heel, and on the hands next to the nails or on the pads of the fingers. Part of the spine goes deep under the skin and firmly grows into the muscle tissue in filamentary processes. In some cases, several spines are located nearby and connected to each other. If you delete the largest one - the main one, the rest will pass on their own. Therefore, it is not always possible to recover from this disease the first time.


The spine is a benign formation, but at any time and under suitable conditions, it can begin to grow and become malignant. A doctor should be involved in the treatment of this ailment. The most common method of getting rid of a spike is to burn it with liquid nitrogen. This method is quite gentle, painless and often leaves no scars or scars. Laser therapy also helps to get rid of unnecessary formation on the body, but it is not as popular as nitrogen. There are also alternative methods of treatment, but they are usually more laborious and not always effective. Doctors noted that if there is a herpes virus in the human body, it suppresses the strength of the immune system, which is reflected in the growth of spines.

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