Pulse Diagnostics

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Pulse Diagnostics
Pulse Diagnostics

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The pulse is our heartbeat. And by its frequency, you can notice any violations occurring in our body.

Pulse diagnostics
Pulse diagnostics


Step 1

A rare pulse is one that is less than 50 beats per minute. Otherwise, it is also called bradycardia. It can indicate malfunctions in the human body, such as metabolic disorders, weak thyroid activity and heart disease. Just do not confuse a decrease in heart rate after physical exertion with malfunctions in the body. Its quick recovery after, for example, running is, on the contrary, a good sign and means that the heart is coping well with the stress.

Step 2

If the pulse is hard or, on the contrary, it is not possible to distinguish it, then this means that the body is heavily clogged with all kinds of toxins and toxins.

Step 3

A shallow and too fast pulse indicates that the body may be suffering from the toxicity of animal decay products.

Whatever deviations you notice, it is better to immediately consult a specialist. Good luck!

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