How To Relieve Itching With Chickenpox

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How To Relieve Itching With Chickenpox
How To Relieve Itching With Chickenpox

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Itchy areas of rashes with chickenpox cause severe discomfort, therefore, to alleviate the condition, discomfort can be eliminated. Combed spots can scar, and open wounds can easily become infected. You can relieve itching with chickenpox with the help of available tools.

How to relieve itching with chickenpox
How to relieve itching with chickenpox

It is necessary

  • - vodka and vinegar
  • - baking soda or ground oatmeal
  • - brilliant green
  • - a mixture of chamomile flowers, yarrow, calendula


Step 1

Lubricate the affected area with a mixture of vodka and vinegar. Mix equal parts 3% vinegar with vodka, add water (for one part of the mixture, two parts of water). Wipe your body throughout the day - the solution will relieve itching and ease the general condition.

Step 2

Make compresses. Dampen a soft cloth with cold water and apply it to itchy areas. Repeat the procedure several times a day.

Step 3

Take baths with cool water as water helps relieve itching from chickenpox. Pour in water, adjust the temperature to the most comfortable for you, and lie down. Add a little baking soda or a glass of ground oatmeal to your bath to relieve irritation and soothe your skin.

Step 4

Try to keep itchy rashes from scratching to avoid increasing itching. After bathing, pat your body dry, but do not rub. Wear loose, non-fitting clothing.

Step 5

Take antihistamines. Allergy medications relieve itching, so drink the right medication as often as necessary.

Step 6

Direct sun exposure should be avoided. Avoid overheating the body - the sweat generated can intensify the itching.

Step 7

Dry the bubbles. Make soda lotions, treat the rash with brilliant green. Herbal infusions will help the wounds to heal faster, so prepare a mixture of chamomile, yarrow, and calendula flowers. Pour boiling water over the herbs, leave for a few minutes and wipe the rashes with strained infusion.

Step 8

Apply special creams and lotions. In order to prevent scratching and subsequent scarring, lubricate the skin with products containing disinfectants and antihistamines.

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