Are There Cigarette Allergies?

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Are There Cigarette Allergies?
Are There Cigarette Allergies?

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Many smokers are interested in whether there is an allergy to cigarettes. Many experts claim that tobacco smoke can cause allergic reactions. The risk of developing the latter increases if the person has asthma symptoms.

Are there cigarette allergies?
Are there cigarette allergies?

Allergy to cigarettes

Smoking can contribute to the emergence of reactions to various allergens, as well as exacerbate existing ones. In addition, allergies can develop to some components of tobacco smoke. Also, smoking greatly weakens the immune system of the human body.

Not everyone knows that allergies are not such a harmless disease as many think. It can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases and even cause new ones. Typically, the word "allergy" is associated with many symptoms such as runny nose, itching and rashes. But often there are more serious manifestations - asthma, Quincke's edema, various dermatitis.

In addition, autoimmune diseases can occur as a result of smoking. Thus, this bad habit greatly changes the reactivity of the human body, and not for the better.

Allergy to cigarettes: symptoms

In most cases, a cigarette allergy manifests itself in much the same way as a regular allergy. So the immune system of the human body reacts to a substance foreign to it, which is perceived as harmful.

Symptoms of a cigarette allergy can be severe or mild. Dangerous manifestations include laryngeal edema. In addition, swelling may occur on the face, mouth, or head. All of this is indicative of a life-threatening allergic reaction. In this case, you need to urgently call an ambulance.

Mild allergy symptoms include: smoker's cough, nasal congestion, allergic conjunctivitis, sore throat, shortness of breath, shortness of breath. It should be noted that the body of each smoker will react to an irritating element in a different way. In any case, you should correctly assess the situation.

Each of the above symptoms can speak not only of the presence of an allergy to cigarettes, but also of some kind of viral disease. For example, a cough can develop into both bronchitis and pneumonia. This is because smoking weakens the body's resistance. Immunity is severely weakened, making it harder to fight off the infection. Any allergic manifestations should not be ignored.

Allergy to electronic cigarettes

When switching to e-cigarettes, smokers often notice various changes in their bodies. Such reactions can manifest itself in the form of belching, heartburn, coughing, etc. But usually this is just the result of stopping the use of regular cigarettes. Another option is also possible. Such a reaction may be the result of an allergy to electronic cigarettes, or rather, to the substances contained in it. In most cases, similar reactions occur in people at increased risk of allergies. Nevertheless, no one is immune from the occurrence of the latter.

The e-cigarette liquid contains propylene glycol or glycerin. Studies have shown that these substances are not harmful. Also, e-cigarettes have a fragrance to which an allergic reaction may appear. However, food allergy sufferers usually know very well which components it can develop. And therefore, they are unlikely to purchase products with an aromatic additive that is harmful to them.

There is also nicotine in an electronic cigarette. You need to be especially careful here. Often there are situations when people, refusing to use ordinary cigarettes, start to smoke electronic cigarettes very often and a lot.In this case, you can get an overdose of nicotine, since this substance is still contained in an electronic cigarette, albeit in minimal quantities. To avoid allergic reactions, the smoking habits and the amount of nicotine in the electronic product must be taken into account.

Allergy to cigarettes: prevention measures

The main danger of an allergy to cigarette smoke is that a person encounters smokers every day, both on the street and at home. Therefore, the best solution would be to avoid being in places where people smoke, and, of course, give up this addiction yourself.

If all the measures taken still did not bring the expected result, you need to consult a doctor, since all of the above symptoms of cigarette allergy may turn out to be manifestations of serious diseases.

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