Is It Harmful To Smoke 1-2 Cigarettes A Day?

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Is It Harmful To Smoke 1-2 Cigarettes A Day?
Is It Harmful To Smoke 1-2 Cigarettes A Day?

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Recently, people have completely forgotten about their health and lead a destructive lifestyle. They drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, even if not too much. It seems to them that a couple of cigarettes a day will not bring any harm to their body.

Is it harmful to smoke 1-2 cigarettes a day?
Is it harmful to smoke 1-2 cigarettes a day?

Is it possible to smoke two cigarettes a day without harm to health?

For those who are not heavy smokers, the question often arises about whether the body will be harmed by daily smoking of the very minimum amount of cigarettes?

If you are one of these people, remember that the first cigarette smoked during the day is considered more dangerous than all subsequent ones. Moreover, experts believe that the first cigarette is harmful in the same way as half a pack. In addition, few people can smoke only one or two cigarettes during the day. The body begins to rebuild itself to receive nicotine after the first puff.

Therefore, do not reassure yourself that one or two cigarettes will not do any harm to your health.

The effect of cigarettes on the human body

Did you know that Norwegian scientists have conducted studies in which they found that the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases increases fivefold with daily smoking of one or two cigarettes? And the risk of dying from lung cancer with the same dose of nicotine increases by about five times. Moreover, the consequences of small doses of nicotine are more destructive for the body of women who smoke. Men are much more fortunate in this regard, since small doses of nicotine received by the body every day destroy their internal organs for a longer time. This information was published in the Tobacco Control magazine by the National Health Screening Service. It was confirmed by scientific studies, during which 51,000 women and men between the ages of 20 and 34 were examined for 20 years.

If you smoke one to two cigarettes daily, your risk of developing coronary artery disease is likely to increase almost fivefold.

The danger of daily smoking of one or two cigarettes lies in the fact that the dosage of nicotine does not remain at the same level over time, but increases imperceptibly.

A small number of cigarettes are smoked, as a rule, "under beer" or other alcoholic beverage.

Nicotine in combination with alcohol can cause a terrible blow to all vital organs of a person.

Ardent opponents of smoking, representatives of the medical association in the UK claim that up to 105 thousand people die from the effects of smoking every year. And those who smoke one cigarette a day can also get on the sad list.

Also, you should definitely remember that even the smallest amounts of nicotine can negatively affect not only health, but also appearance. The nail plate and teeth will gradually begin to turn yellow, and the skin will deteriorate, and the hair will also suffer from nicotine. So take one simple tip into account. Before touching your first cigarette, think about the harm you can do to your appearance and health. Do you want to be your own enemy ?!

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