What Is Useful "Aevit"

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What Is Useful "Aevit"
What Is Useful "Aevit"

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Skin youth also depends on the state and health of the body, genetic predisposition, intensity of exposure to harmful substances, diet. But it is not always possible to say for sure that the skin needs vitamins, protection or additional care. "Aevit" is one of the most effective and affordable drugs for maintaining good health and youthfulness of the body.

What is useful "Aevit"
What is useful "Aevit"

Benefits in vitamins

Vitamin A, which is a part of "Aevit", is necessary to maintain eye health, sharp vision, it restores the physiological functions of mucous membranes and epithelium, and normalizes metabolism. The element is contained in many food products: liver of marine fish, eggs, dairy products, butter. The necessary provitamin A is also found in carrots, apricots, sorrel, dill, paprika, parsley and spinach.

Vitamin E stimulates muscle activity, contributes to the accumulation of useful fat-soluble vitamins (K, D, A) in the body. Vitamin E is contained in green parts of plants, vegetable oils.

"Aevit" for beauty and youth

Deficiency in vitamins A and E can manifest itself in different ways. The main visible sign is usually reflected on the skin of the face.

This is the formation of acne and acne, peeling, dryness and pallor, a general predisposition of the skin to the formation of pustules.

"Aevit" is a multivitamin preparation, the active ingredients of which are tocopherol (vitamin E) and retinol (vitamin A). Aevit is an excellent antioxidant. It perfectly regulates lipid metabolism, improves the uptake of oxygen by tissues, helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body, expands arterioles, has a positive effect on violations of capillary permeability and capillary circulation (significantly reduces vascular fragility).

To begin with, the course of vitamins "Aevit" is prescribed orally, 1 capsule per day for 14 days. Before using it, be sure to consult with a specialist.

"Aevit" in cosmetics

In addition to the traditional use of "Aevit" inside, you can also use the drug locally. For beauty and youthfulness of the skin, it is used as follows. Add the contents of 1-2 capsules of vitamins to a regular care cream and mix well. It is necessary to use this cosmetic product within 1-2 months. After that, you can evaluate the visible result. The skin will regain a healthy color, softness and velvety. You can also add "Aevit" to a variety of face masks.

But do not overuse the local skin treatment using "Aevit". This course of supplemental nutrition with skin vitamins should last no more than 1 month. Otherwise, the skin will simply get used to the proposed procedures and stop responding positively.

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