What's More Harmful: Cigars Or Cigarettes

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What's More Harmful: Cigars Or Cigarettes
What's More Harmful: Cigars Or Cigarettes

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Like the pipe, cigars are considered a more sophisticated smoking method for connoisseurs. The point here is both in the higher cost, natural composition, appearance, and in aesthetic terms, it produces a completely different effect. Many people think that cigars are less harmful to health. However, not all so simple.

What's more harmful: cigars or cigarettes
What's more harmful: cigars or cigarettes

The history of the emergence of cigars

In the 16th century, the first cigars appeared in Cuba. It is worth noting that the very idea of ​​smoking rolled leaves of plants originated much earlier. This happened in the Indian tribes of South America. Cigars have slightly changed their appearance over the past centuries. They have become more dense and neat. They are rolled from various types of tobacco. However, in general, the meaning remains the same. Cigars are tobacco leaves, well dried and rolled into a cylindrical stick. Sizes may vary.

The 20s of the 20th century can be considered the peak of popularity and fashion for cigars. Smoking them was considered a sign of masculinity, good taste, and authority. Today the popularity of cigars has declined: in North America and Europe, they are exclusively smoked by connoisseurs. South America remains the leader in the consumption and production of cigars.

Cigar composition

The composition of the cigar is fairly uniform. In it, one can distinguish a whole sheet of tobacco (cover sheet), cut tobacco (filler). Cigars are produced either on a special machine or by hand.

Three types of cigars can be distinguished: machine-made, partly hand-made, completely hand-made. The highest quality, luxury and most expensive are made by hand. In the current market, the share of this product is minimal. Machine made cigars are in great demand. They are affordable because they are made from cheaper tobacco.

Cigars and cigarettes

Considering that cigars are made from cut and whole tobacco leaves, adding a minimum amount of other components, the nicotine content in them is maximum.

The percentage of tar in cigars is comparable to that of cigarettes. From this point of view, cigarettes and cigars are equally harmful to the health of the body. The only plus of cigars is the manner in which they are smoked. It is customary to smoke them without drawing in the smoke, so less tar and nicotine gets into the lungs.

Like cigarettes, cigars are just as addictive as they contain concentrated nicotine. A slightly different mechanism has a psychological addiction to cigars, since they are smoked much less often, often only once a day.

Cigar lovers are less likely to get lung cancer and obstructive pulmonary disease due to the fact that they smoke them without inhaling. However, the statistics of malignant tumors of the oral cavity are the same. Otherwise, the problems that cigarette addicts face are also relevant for cigar lovers.

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