How To Quit Smoking At Home: 10 Ways

How To Quit Smoking At Home: 10 Ways
How To Quit Smoking At Home: 10 Ways

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Many people are concerned about how to quit smoking on their own at home. It is quite difficult to do this without special means. Some lack motivation, willpower, others cannot imagine a day without the usual cigarette that calms the nerves. How to quit smoking quickly and effortlessly using proven folk recipes?

How to quit smoking on your own
How to quit smoking on your own

10 ways to quit smoking on your own without taking medications and anti-nicotine patches:

  1. Introduce foods that help fight nicotine addiction into your daily diet. These are milk and sour milk drinks, smoked cheese, seeds, oranges, salt. After drinking a glass of milk, the cigarette will seem bitter, cheese (as well as seeds, candies, lozenges) during a strong desire to take a cigarette in your mouth will allow you to be distracted by chewing. Oranges reduce the urge to smoke, make up for the deficiency of vitamin C in the body. If you lick the salt, the urge to smoke immediately disappears or diminishes.
  2. Use the old way to stop smoking by adding clipped nails to cigarettes or tobacco. The chitin contained in them, when smoldering, forms a very unpleasant (even nauseous) smell, due to which the craving for smoke breaks will quickly disappear. An analogue of nails is the shells of crayfish, molluscs.
  3. Quite good reviews are given by former smokers about the monastery tea. The product is bought at a pharmacy, brewed according to the instructions, I drink it for 2-3 weeks. Similar results from the use of pharmacy herbal collection No. 74.
  4. Plantain leaves and horseradish will help fight the addiction. Here is the recipe - we pluck fresh leaves (about the same horseradish and plantain), chop with a knife / hands, mix. Before each urge to get a cigarette out of the pack, chew the mixture. We swallow the juice released at the same time, spit out the green mass.
  5. If you want to quit smoking, you should use a soda or saline mouthwash. The recipe is simple: stir a tablespoon of soda in a glass of water (you can replace it with salt), rinse your mouth if you want to smoke.
  6. If the desire to quit smoking arose in the summer, bird cherry will help. We tear off a twig (no more than 5 mm thick), carry it with us in our pocket. As soon as you want to smoke, break off a piece and chew. If you take at least one inhale after that, a gag reflex will occur.
  7. Ginseng tincture has helped many smokers. Every day you need to take 20 drops of the drug in the morning and in the evening. Another side effect of the tincture - increased potency, will be a pleasant bonus for men.
  8. The recipe of Professor Filatov, based on the use of eucalyptus, gained popularity among fighters against smoking at home. To prepare the infusion, 1 tablespoon of chopped eucalyptus is poured with 500 ml of boiling water, left for an hour. Then add pl a tablespoon of glycerin, honey, mix. Drink 1/4 cup liquid for 2-4 weeks until the effect occurs.
  9. A simple and proven method is to wet the tip of a cigarette in kefir, yogurt. After setting fire and puffing, you will hardly want to continue smoking. Oat grains stuffed into cigarettes work in a similar way.
  10. A drink made from rosemary with St. John's wort will help eliminate the craving for smoking. The herbs are mixed in a tablespoon, pour 500 ml of boiling water, keep on low heat for 20 minutes. Then the broth is insisted, filtered. They drink instead of tea for a month.

If you did not succeed in quitting smoking with the help of folk remedies, medication methods will come to the rescue. Nicotine replacement chewing gums and patches, electronic cigarettes, hypnosis, acupuncture have proven themselves well.

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