Conscious Smoking, Or How To Quit Smoking Without Suffering

Conscious Smoking, Or How To Quit Smoking Without Suffering
Conscious Smoking, Or How To Quit Smoking Without Suffering

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Morning cough tearing the sternum, sour-acrid viscous saliva, yellow tarnished fingers, burnt holes in clothes, persistent smell of burning cigarette butts from things, walls of the house, fear of being left without cigarettes, ash … and a proud sense of separateness - we are not like you. Do you really want to quit smoking?

How to quit smoking
How to quit smoking

Long years of addiction, hundreds of unsuccessful attempts to break free. Internal conviction that you can do it, and - no result. Secret envy towards those who have overcome themselves, and an impatient expectation, when they break down, return to the ranks of the "special" and the weak … You went through all this, since you are reading these lines now. Let me help you. How they helped me once.

As you can imagine, I followed this road. And she was freed. How did I manage? Not so easy. It was not easy at all to begin my path to freedom. I don't want to remember much of what has been done. And although now it is difficult for me to imagine that for 18 years I slavishly smoked no less than a pack of strong cigarettes every day, I remember and describe it for you.

It is easier to quit smoking - you smoke it, put it out, throw it away. We used to joke like that a lot, right? How not to smoke a new cigarette, that is the question. And preparation for this state takes much longer than you think. And much more important. We will deal with it.

Reread the statements below until you understand their meaning. Not with the mind, but with every cell of your body. Reflect on them, seek confirmation for them. Keep smoking.

  • If you think you enjoy smoking, you are deceiving yourself.
  • If you think you can quit smoking for your health, you are deceiving yourself.
  • If you think it takes willpower to quit smoking, you have been cheated.
  • If you think you can quit smoking forever with willpower, you have been deceived.
  • If you think that smoking is a physical addiction, you have been deceived.
  • If you think that smoking is a psychological addiction, you have been deceived.

Don't freak out and don't run away. Think of the first sip of coffee in your life, or a sip of beer, or the first puff. Do you remember how unpleasant you felt? What disgusting taste was in your mouth? Just don't say that you liked it right away, you are deceiving yourself. Day after day you took new sips, new puffs, and you got used to it. It has become common for you. You are used to inhaling the smoke of a burning cigarette. And he stopped paying attention to the bitter taste and pungent smell.

Now attention!

From this moment, every time, before you go to raise, be patient for about 15 minutes. And look for something inside yourself. This something grows into a bottomless pit, into a black hole. A hungry monster to be fed. He is not you. Watch him: how does he behave? Perhaps you will suddenly stop smoking for another hour. Monsters do not like light, and your attention illuminates it with a beam.

When you go to smoke, avoid companies. Alone, pay attention to your every movement: how you take out a cigarette, how you knead it, smell it, light it, how deeply and slowly you inhale. Can you smell this? Taste? Feel every moment. Ask yourself, do you really like it? Answer honestly. Smoke all the way to the filter, feeling every puff. On the way back, listen to your body, how does it feel?

Smoke like this until you begin to feel a steady disgust from the process itself and ask the question: why am I continuing to do this if it is so disgusting?

And then, and only then, you set the date. For example, in a week. You choose the day you will be free. Do not quit smoking, but become free! Anyone who has not smoked does not have the thought: now I don’t smoke. So you prepare yourself to forget your experience like a bad dream. The dream is not about you.

You think of X-day as the most wonderful day. You are expecting it with joy and anticipation: finally, sooner! Continue smoking as before.

On X-day, get the only cigarette and smoke it with all the disgust that has accumulated in you, slowly and very carefully. If there is nausea, vomiting, it is very good. Throw away the bull and feel liberated.

Immediately after the last cigarette, collect all the stocks of smoke and throw them in the trash. Wash all ashtrays and get them out of sight. Induce a feeling of euphoria in yourself from the freedom that you gave yourself. Remember him always when your hands reach for missing cigarettes. Don't worry, this is a mechanical habit, it will soon pass. Do not occupy your hands with seeds or sweets, it is better to put them in your pockets or start tapping some funny tune.

And smile. Do not hesitate: you will succeed.

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